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Dating again?

Hey ladies, I haven't been on here for a while but I'll share my story quick..I was with my baby's father for about 5 months when I became pregnant with our daughter. Things were going great, my older children (3 from my exh of 12 years) and I had moved in with him and I changed their schools, he even put an offer in on a bigger house for all of us.. It was huge thing for us. I was so excited...anyways, I was 5 months along when he decided he didn't want a family and he left me for some chick who he knocked up that month. Their baby was born about 6 weeks ago and our daughter is 6 months old. I don't have alot of contact with him, he doesn't see his daughter much, he knows he screwed up, he's admitted it to me and he doesn't want to be with the girl he left me for but he's just one of those guys who sits there and pity's himself and expects everyone to feel sorry for him. I'm just so over it all the crap. question is, when is a good time to start dating again? I'm not out for a full blown relationship but it'd be nice to have a guy to talk to some days. Any of you started dating after baby?
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