Cloth Diapering

Thinking of starting CDing at 14 months...

We've done disposable diapers up to this point.  I've been thinking of trying cloth though-  love that it is better for baby and the enviroment.  DH is completly opposed to the idea, despite being huge into recycling/compost/etc.

What kind of supply would we need at this point? I'm leaning towards AIOs so that DH doesn't have to deal with anything much more than he does currently.  Any brands that work well with toddlers? 14 months, about 23 lbs and 32 inches tall (skinny legs)....very active boy.

Re: Thinking of starting CDing at 14 months...

  • We started CDing our 2 year old about a month and a half ago.  Partly, it was selfish of me because I wanted to get the hang of it before our DD is due in September.

    We use pockets.  Fuzzibunz and Bum Genius.  I also have a few Sm

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  • We started CDing at about 10 months due to cost issues.  I thought AIOs would be best because of DH as well, but I really wish I would've just done pockets.  The AIOs have been fine, but I'm concerned if they start to get stinky I couldn't re


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  • You could try one of the diaper trials like this one. It will allow you to see what types you like and what works best for your LO. I too ended up preferring pockets to the AIO (mostly for the cost perspective). Good luck!

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  • +1 on doing a diaper trial. I thought DH would be reaching for pockets and AIOs, and it turned out he liked prefolds best.
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  • Definitely do a diaper trial. 

    You might even want to look into an AI2 system like Best Bottoms or Flips - would be very easy to use with a toddler and work out cheaper than AIOs or pockets.

    DD is 17 months and 22lbs, and we get a goo

  • Oh  just to add - you could even get away with sized dipes at this point - DD fits perfectly in a medium in sized diapers and I don't think we'll ever need to size up to a large before she is potty trained. So that gives you some more options as well
  • My L is tall and skinny, DH said his favorite are our medium aplix bottombumpers. I like prefolds and covers, but for the "easier" dipes I definitely prefer all in ones. I can't stand pockets, with a couple exceptions.
    Swaddlebees simplex also work
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