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Diaper bag suggestion?

I am expecting DD#2 in a week or so.  With DD1- I was given the skip hop studio diaper bag.  I do really like the bag- but my one complaint is that it doesn't have a strap that allows me to wear it across by body.  With a 3 yr old and an newborn- I think it will constantly slip off my shoulder.  I was considering just trying to find a shoulder strap to attach to it- but after reading some other posts I am wondering if I need a bag with more storage?  With DD1 she is still in pull ups, and I am often carrying snacks and juice boxes, some small toys or books for her.

I am completely open to ideas.  But I don't think at this point I want to spend more than $100 on another diaper bag.  Maybe 65 and under?

Re: Diaper bag suggestion?

  • Check HomeGoods or Marshall's if you want a larger skip hop. Mine had the versa, duo, via's and bento all for under $40.
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  • I bought a Vera Bradley bag that has both a cross body strap and handles. It's pretty large with a lot of pockets. Vera bags can be pricey, but I bought a pattern that was being discontinued so it was less than $100.

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  • You may not need one.  My boys are 24 months apart and the only time I really needed a bigger bag was for day long or overnight trips.  I would wait until the new baby is here to see if you think you need one.
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