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is it just me??

I thought that if someone just had a baby, most people would take food to that person, not expect them to make food for visitors... I have had countless people come over at meal times and eat my food. Usually I dont mind TOO much but today, Im really bugged about it because we are having 2 friends come visit us in 10 minutes and I asked them before we ate if they had eaten yet (this was like an hour ago) They said they would eat before they came over, so I (one-handedly) make my DH and I sandwitches and right after I put all the food away and we had eaten I get a text asking if we can go ahead and make them food too.... Ugh so annoyed, it took me so long to make 2 sandwiches with a crying baby in one hand and NOW they want some too!? wyf!? And they have 3 kids so they should totally understand how hard it is to make food with a 3 week old, let alone go grocery shopping!

Sorry, just needed to vent! 

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Re: is it just me??

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