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Snaps vs. Aplix

Which do you like better- Snaps or Aplix? I'm going to start CDing when LO is about 3-6 weeks old. I was originally thinking snaps but can you get a better fit with aplix sometimes? 
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Re: Snaps vs. Aplix

  • It really depends.  Some brands have snaps that snap over one another so you can get a snug fit on a skinny baby.  We used Aplix during newborn stage and when DS was big enough to fit into OS, I got all snaps.  I love the snaps, but you wil
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  • When we first started CDing, I definitely liked aplix better.  It just seemed easier to get a good fit.  Now I like both equally.  I make sure to use the snaps at home because I like to send the aplix to the sitter.
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  • I prefer snaps, but we primarily use BG's and their aplix isn't the greatest.
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  • Depending on the brand you can be in between snaps sometimes. Right now her simplex AIO is reaally tight or loose-grr. I know the red marks don't bother her, but they bother me. I prefer snaps overall bc of laundry-I have some awful looking diapers and in
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  • I have both but prefer the snaps. Which is funny, because I really thought I'd like aplix better. I send both to DC and the aplix ones are always the only clean ones left when I pick him up, so it appears they like the snaps too. Lol. Pp who is in be

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  • No preference now that DD is 5 months old, but DH definitely preferred aplix at first so that was most of our diapering the first 3 months. I found they fit better than snaps when DD was young but that might have more to do with our covers than the sna

  • For me, it is no contest...snaps are my fav. I did a lot of polling when I was starting my stash and most people preferred snaps because they tend to last longer and they are harder for the little ones to figure them out when they get to that awesome stag

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  • I have all snaps. I typically hate aplix and don't want to buy new dipes once Cade figures out how to take off an aplix diaper.
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  • I liked aplix better during the wiggly stage, but now prefer snaps because they hold up better. I just replaced all my bum genius aplix, and its nice to have them back. So I guess I'm glad I have both.
  • image princessyetz:
    It really depends.  Some brands have snaps that snap over one another so you can get a snug fit on a skinny
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  • I prefer snaps because I hate dealing with laundry tabs.
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  • Snaps; the eventual ratty appearance on aplix would bother me. Plus, we use Alvas, and I'm pretty sure they only come in snaps.
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  • Everyone has their own opinions on this... personally, I am an aplix person. Actually, I pretty much hate my snaps and don't use them anymore (except our night diapers).  Aplix fits way better.

    BG aplix sucks.  Kawaii square tab (HD2) i

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  • I definitely prefer snaps.  I have a few aplix and those are the diapers that gap in the front and are more bulky in the front. Even if I fasten the laundry tabs, they stick together and to my inserts.  I hate having to pick out fuzz and threads

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  • Hands down my Hubby and I both prefer aplix BUT if I had to do it all again I would probably have gotten a whole stash of snaps instead.  We used BG 3.0's in aplix and BG elemental in snaps.  It's just kinda depressing how pilly the aplix dia

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  • We have both. I like Aplix better because I have a skinny baby and feel as though I can get a better fit with the Aplix. I haven't had any issues with the aplix not holding up. The brands I have Aplix are Thirsties, Kawaii, and rumparooz. The Kawaii are b
  • I definitely preferred Aplix at first and it was also a great intro to cloth for DH and daycare, but after a few months they started to look really worn, whereas the snaps diapers still looked brandnew. It was also annoying doing laundry with the aplix

  • I'd recommend trying both.  I have both and use both regularly.  I prefer each for different situations.  DD's caregiver prefers aplix.  I prefer snaps for overnight.  I have always been able to get a better fit with aplix. 
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