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Bad kid shoes brands?

Ok, I was pretty offended today at gym when the boys were showing off their new sneakers and all excited.  One mom butts in and says "I hope you didn't spend a lot of money on those crap shoes" and points to my youngest. They are cute orange fila shoes.  they were only $23. But I liked them and DS loves them. She is claiming they are crap because they are so light weight. 

I said, well you cannot call a shoe crap because it is light weight.  Lots of sneakers are light weight on purpose.  This is my kids first pair of fila so maybe they are garbage shoes but they seem pretty good. 

Now her DDs shoes were sketchers.  I love sketchers, and in fact my oldest just got a new pair BUT I tried my hardest to get him to go with a lighter shoe for the summer. I was trying to convince him to just wait on the ones he wanted for fall because the pair he picked are really weighted.  I know his foot is going to sweat but he wanted them so I will just be sure to deoderize them you know? 

I can't stand when people do stuff like that!  Just keep your mouth shut unless I ask for your opinion. BUT I am now asking for your experience. anyone ever have buy fila? do they fall apart?


CJ :-)

Re: Bad kid shoes brands?

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