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girlie face

When is your beta? I know it has to be close to mine monday. Thinking of you!

Re: girlie face

  • Mine is tomorrow, too! Have u tested? How do you feel?
    DD born 12/30/09 TTC since 6/2011 2/2012 Clomid +Ovidrel+ti= bfn 3/2012 Menapur + follistim= cancelled, over stimulation 4/2012 Next cycle cancelled due to cysts 5/2012 on break TTC w/o meds 8/2012 Clomid & trigger w/ IUI=BFN 9/2012 Clomid & trigger w/ IUI = BFN
  • I havent tested yet. Have you??

    I have progesterone symptoms: sore boobs, tired, nausea, bloated. It's so hard not to over analyze. I am back forth. Yesterday I wa convinced it didn't work and today I'm trying to be more optimistic.
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