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Angry all the time

Hi ladies,

anyone else just get irrationally angry at their DH or even family members since LO was born?  i feel like I am just constantly irritated with DH even though he's been very helpful, offers to take LO, takes night shifts, etc. And he's starting to get resentful back, and I don't know how to stop getting so irritated with him. Part of it is that I have less patience for some things, especially since I'm with DD constantly all day and have to have unlimited patience, so I tend to be less tolerant of other people now.

 but there's just some things I know i'm being irrational about, and I'm almost 5 weeks PP.  Could it still be some residual hormones, mixed with slight sleep deprivation? I know if i asked DH to take over an entire night so i could get 8 hours of sleep he would, but at this point I'm so used to waking up 1-2x a night that i don't even think I COULD sleep 8 straight hours. 

Just needed to get it off my chest. we had a huge blow out fight yesterday and i really don't want to fight with him and I definitely want to nip this in the bud so it isn't happening around DD 

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Re: Angry all the time

  • I am also wondering if my workout restrictions have anything to do with it. Even during pregnancy I always got a REALLY good workout in through Crossfit, and thanks to the C section i've been not able to engage in that type of intensity I'm used to it. I'
    BabyFetus Ticker Little Riley-our first little girl coming March 1st, 2013 (or sometime around there;)
  • I felt the same way with DS#1. I was always angry. It didn't help that DS was colicy and had reflux and cried constantly unless he was attached to the boob. DH would try to help, but DS would just scream and scream. I cried every single night for a month


  • The only time I'm ever so irrationally angry or upset is post-partum. PMS has nothing on the post-partum period. It's hormones, combined with sleep deprivation and stress. Seriously, I'm usually the patient one with our two preschoolers, but I am losin

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  • Not working out could definitely be contributing! I was put on bed rest since the end of Jan and I was a combination of angry and depressed the whole time I was on bed rest! I cant wait to be cleared to start working out again! I also agree with pp, take
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  • I definitely think its the lack of not working out and sleep deprivation. I was working out 5 days a week up until the day before I had DS. Not working out these past 4 weeks has had me feeling so depressed. I love my LO more than anything but i feel like
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  • I am right there with you! : Hopefully it will pass soon..
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