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Aloha! I'm new...anyone else with Hashimoto's?

I am just 4w4d but so excited I can't stand it. Good thing I'm frigging exhausted, or I'd be too excited to ever sleep!

My first (horrible) OB told me that I'd have a really hard time getting pregnant and carrying with Hashimoto's (thyroid condition, FYI). Well, we managed to get KU right after I "fired" her, so that's a point in my favor! lol. 

I'm nervous as a cat in a dog kennel, but trying really hard to just take it one day at a time. I have my first appointment with my new OB next week, and the office (and my GP, and his supervising endocrinologist) have all said I'l be high risk and will be working with a specialist instead.  I don't mind the monthly blood draws I'll be doing for the thyroid tests, I just want a healthy baby!! Anyone else having a positive Hashi's experience?

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Re: Aloha! I'm new...anyone else with Hashimoto's?

  • Yep.  I have Hashimoto's and have a healthy 2 year old and am pregnant with my second.

    Have you done an elimination diet to determine what you are reacting to?  I am sure you know that Hashimotos is a autoimmune condition.  The most common triggers are gluten and dairy.  Since removing these my TSH has gone down and has stayed stable throughout my pregnancies.

    As long as you are avoiding triggers and toxins and keeping on top of your thyroid medication you should be fine!  

    One thing you may want to have checked early is gestational diabetes.  With Hashimotos our bodies aren't really that great at regulating blood sugar, so often times there is a connection.  I have had it during both pregnancies. 

     Most doctors are going to just treat the symptom of Hashimotos and not get into causation and lifestyle changes because it doesn't change their course of treatment which is to give you some thyroid replacement which tends to only leave you feeling marginally better.  It took me a LONG time to find a practitioner who actually helped me feel better and understand the disease.  I highly recommend the book 'Stop the Thyroid Madness' and forums and becoming your own advocate! 

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  • Thanks for the tips, especially about the GD. I'd wondered if GD was more likely, especially as my family has a history of regular diabetes anyway.

    I've not looked into controlling my Hashi's with diet because I'm not sure how I would do an elimination diet! So, what, I'd cut gluten for a month, get tested and see if my scores improve? I see my first endocrinologist next month, and I'll be sure to ask. He comes with very high references -- he is "the" thyroid specialist and has to travel to give presentations a lot.

    Up until TTC, I've not had any problems with my Hashi's for 13 years. Just get my bloodwork done and continue dosing as normal. When we started TTC, everything changed, so I'm a little more concerned for the pregnancy.

    Thanks again! It's nice to have someone who has been there, done that!  

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  • I would check out the following website for details on how to do an elimination diet:


     There is also a facebook group which is very informative for those with Hashimotos.  Good to hear you have had very few symptoms, Hashimotos can be very debilitating for those who have it severe!   

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  • I have hashimoto's and my thyroid has never been better since being pregnant. I take synthroid but have not had any dose changes and my tsh is perfect! I am 34 weeks with my first and got pregnant right after I was treated so still fairly newly diagnosed. Good luck!
  • Hi! I am new here- just starting TTC after stopping BCP. I have hashi and my levels are within normal range, with the exception of TSH being low but my doctor likes it where it is. Just wondering for those of you that are pregnant/have had successful pregnancies while hashi- do you know what your levels were when you got pregnant? Just trying to get things to the best place to get a + and keep it!
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  • Hi everyone!  I was diagnosed with low thyroid 14 months ago and Hashi's 6 months ago.  I am currently breaking up with my Endo because he's an and wouldnt talk to me.  I am on .150 of levothyroxine and am in the "high range of normal" (whatever that means) and I still have all the symptoms, but they are reduced compared to pre-meds.  

    I went gluten free 2 weeks ago after reading about how it can help Hashi's patients. 

    We have been TTC for 8 months.  My OB said that if I dont conceive by my next appointment (Jan.) we would look at  Clomid.

    DX: Hashimoto's - August 2012

    Me:30 / DH: 31

    BFP#1 after 15 cycles on 12/1/2013 EDD 8/7/2014


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