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I was just wondering what you all think of this? I got an invite for a 1st birthday party, and on the invite my friend said something along the lines of, "instead of a gift, consider donating to baby's college fund". I'm not sure what to think of this, because now I feel like I shouldn't get a gift and I should donate $ instead.
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Re: Asking to donate $

  • You get that baby whatever YOU want to get for it. Although it is a suggestion, I think it's pretty rude to ask that of guests. If they feel so inclined to give money for a college fund, they will ask mom and dad about it. Don't feel pressured by someo

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  • Yikes! I would bring a card and a small gift (like a book) along with a check. That really rubs me the wrong way though...

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  • Rude and tacky, tacky, tacky!!!!

    Really poor taste to dictate what to bring as a gift, especially to outright ask for cash.

    I would consider sending my regrets 

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  • I agree with everyone. That is tacky & it would make me feel uncomfortable going to the party. 
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  • That's pretty rude.  I would just get what you want and be done with it.  Ignore the request.
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  • nah82nah82
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    Does this baby happen to be a younger brother/sister?  He/she may truly have a ton of clothes, toys and books if they have a sibling just a few years older or maybe mom is just really practical.  I have a 3 year old boy and a boy who just tur

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  • I agree with PPs that it's incredibly rude.  I would be inclined not to go at all, but if I did go, I'd probably give a book or something expendable like art supplies and play doh.  I get the frustration of your kids having a ton of toys, but it
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  • I think it's rude to ask for gifts period in a birthday party invitation.  I'm having baby shower etiquette flashbacks now too.  Although I will say this, my nephews want $$$.  My SIL gives no hints for gift ideas.  I'm&nb

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  • I really like giving money for college, especially at this age.  But this would prompt me to do the exact opposite!  Not even sure if I would attend, honestly!
  • I think it's horribly rude to ask guests to bring money. (or to suggest it) I would not give money.
  • I got invited to one of these before and I did give money although I really wanted to buy a cute gift. oh well.
  • If the kid is a Senior in High School about to graduate, I could see someone giving money for college.  But it is too far ahead.  I would just smile and just a gift that is more appropriate for the kid's age--1 years old. 
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  • Thanks ladies for the input! I thought it was kinda weird but didn't know if it was just me! For the PP that asked, this mom only has 1 kid...

    I still plan on going as she is one of my best friends, although I think I'll feel weird with whatever

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  • That was extremely rude of the parents and would lead me to purchasea cute outfit or something. I certainly wouldn't give cash.
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  • It is inappropriate but I wouldn't NOT go to a party because of this request!  As if we all do the right things all the time?  At least they are not asking for money to fund their next family vacation!  And too early to save for college?

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