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Hava Sling vs Balboa Baby sling?

I've been obsessively debating slings, it's one of my few purchases for my upcoming June baby. Last time, my son lived in his sling, I ended up with a sling Ezee, it's an adjustable ring sling, padded rails, but no elasticized sides etc. I still have it, but I'm sick of the print. I love these slings, and I'm really comfortable using them. They have since been bought by Hava Sling. I had me heart pretty set on this one: Then I started looking at the Balboa Baby slings, ,mostly because I really like the prints. Having not used one, I guess my concerns would be they seem thicker than the Hava sling, have elasticized sides, maybe more padding. I'm not sure they are as great for an infant. any thoughts? Thanks,Lisa 

Re: Hava Sling vs Balboa Baby sling?

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