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I had my very first appointment today with the RE. 

Filled out lots of paperwork, got a pap and an internal exam.  Did blood work to check HSG and will start Prometrium tomorrow night if blood work is negative for pregnancy to start my cycle so I can begin the testing.

I have lots more blood work to get done in the meantime as does DH as well as his SA.

Next appointment is in 6 weeks to go over all the test results.

So, my question is......... What should I expect from the Sonohysterogram.  What was it like, did it hurt a lot, if so how much, long.

Excited that we have begun something.

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Re: Sonohysterogram

  • I just had this done at the beginning of march. I was worried so I brought DH. But it went really well, uncomfortable, but not painful. And it was quick, only took a few minutes. Good luck!
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    IUI #3 &4 - Gonal-F/Ovidrel and IUI -- BFN
    IUI #5 - Gonal-F/Ovidrel and IUI -- BFP!!
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  • I went last week and it was nothing. Make sure to take 400mg of Motrin about an hour before you go! You will be fine....Good luck!
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    3/13- Clomid 100mg/Metformin 1000mg= BFN
    4/14- Meet with RE, change of plans....
    4/26- Begin Injectibles (Bravelle 150iu)
    5/6- Switch to Menopur (225iu) & 1500mf of Metformin
    5/11- Trigger
    5/13- 1st IUI - BFN
    5/29- BCP due to cyst on ovary 
    6/17- Begin injectibles (150iu Menopur)
    6/26- Trigger
    6/28- 2nd IUI-BFP 

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  • I've had two sonohysterograms and both were easy peasy.  Neither were uncomfortable for me.  It starts off like a pap smear and then they fill your ute with saline/water, do an u/s and done.  I leaked fluids afterwards, but wore a pad so no
    2nd ectopic resulted in loss of tube. HSG revealed remaining tube is "severely torqued".
    IVF #1: ER 03/29/10; ET 04/01/10: transferred 2 embies; Beta #1 (9dp3dt)- 45; Beta #2 (11dp3dt)- 91= BFP
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    IVF #2: ER 06/20/12; ET 6/25/12: transferred 2 embies; Beta #1 on 7/5/12= BFN
    8/16: hysteroscopy for polyp removal
    11/11: hysteroscopy #2 for yet another polyp removal
    FET#2: ET 12/15/12: transferred 3 embies; Beta #1 (9dp5dt): 12/24/12: 426; Beta #2 (11dp5dt): 845= BFP
    u/s 1/9= triplets!; miscarried all three on 1/10/13...

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