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Have I missed anything good around here?

Long time, no see, everyone! I hope all the kiddos are well!

I took a break for awhile, due to DS's delays.  It was very hard for me to participate in the conversation, since he's not at the same level as his peers.  I just didn't feel like I had anything to contribute and I will be honest, it's painful to hear about walking, running, etc. when my little guy can't yet. (Although I am THRILLED your kids are hitting their milestones.  I wouldn't wish this kind of worry on my worst enemy).

He's doing well, though, and still making progress, although we had to take him to the Children's Development Unit of CHoPitt for an eval.  His bloodwork is normal, but his MRI is not, so now we're off to a pediatric neurologist.  

 So, fill me in!

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Re: Have I missed anything good around here?

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