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Had my growth scan today

At my 34 week appt, my doctor scheduled a growth scan because I have been measuring 2 to 3 weeks ahead fundal measurements. She knows how they aren't 100 accurate but just wanted to see what percentile she was in. Had the ultrasound today and little girl is only measuring 5lb 14 oz at the 40th percentile! Yay! My husband was 10lb 9oz so I was nervous when I started measuring big. My question is, I know they say that the scans can be off a pound..but how often is that they're off as in smaller? Did that question make sense? Probably not! I hear most people complain about the measurements being so far off "oh doctor said he would be 10 lbs! But he was only 8!" But don't ever hear ppl saying it was the other way around "doctor said she was only 8 lbs but he ended up being 10!" Just wondering if any moms had any experience with that?

Re: Had my growth scan today

  • Me! I was told DS was measuring 7lbs (at 38 weeks), and he weighed 9lbs14oz (at 40w3d).
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  • With DD at 32 weeks growth ultrasound I was told she was big, at the time she was around 5 lbs. I had a follow up at around 36 weeks and was told she was fine around 6 lbs at the time. I had her at 39 weeks and she was 8 lbs 14.1 oz! I always meas

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  • Yeah I know there's no exact science on the topic but I realized that I never heard of the scans going the other way! I will stay on my toes though! Maybe she'll be a big girl after all lets hope not toooooo big!
  • When i had my scan 2 weeks ago rhu said baby was about 4 lbs. The dr pretty much told me he is anywhere between 3 and 5 lbs potentially. I have another scan the end of this month so we will see what they say then.
    I measured big with my first, neve
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  • I had a growth scan the day before DD was born, and they said she was only about 4-1/2 pounds. The next day, she came out weighing 6 lbs 7 oz.
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  • Day before delivery the boys measured 510 and 512. They popped out at 51 and 55. Not too terribly far off. About half a pound.

    With my neighbors little girl they told her 815 and she was born 84.

    Just my experiences!
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  • image Rachel Goldstein:
    Day before delivery the boys measured 510 and 512. They popped out at 51 and 55. Not too terribly far off. About
  • They were right on with DD.

    This one has been measuring really small the entire time so we will know how accurate they've been in a couple weeks.

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  • I hope that's not the case for me. I just had a growth scan yesterday and she is measuring 8lbs 6oz! I am only 35 weeks. This is the second time she is measuring four weeks ahead in a growth scan. I don't even know what to make of it.
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