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Circle the wagons

Night one of Ferber tonight. I just can't do it anymore, it's not fair to her or to me that she can't go to sleep/fall back asleep without nursing. I can't keep nursing her every 90 minutes all night long. It's not good for either of us. I read Ferber's book, my husband is supportive and on board, we have a video monitor.

I'm still scared. I know most of y'all have gone through the fire by now, and you've supported lots of people through it. I won't ask you to repost all of your experiences or anything...I just need SOMEONE to know that we're doing it. I don't want to post this on facebook and have to deal with possible "oh I could NEVER let my baby cry" nonsense. There is literally no way for us to help her sleep better without crying, because when she wakes up and I try not to nurse her, she cries. Literally no matter what method we use, she is going to do some crying. I know in my BRAIN that this doesn't make me a bad mom, but my heart hurts anyway.

Ugh. Most pointless post ever. You're nice ladies for bearing with me.  



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