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I've never vented on here, but I know you ladies will understand my frustration. I haven't been feeling well for the last few days, and especially today. Last night, DH woke me up to ask why it was so cold in the house... I was sweating. I've been sick to the stomach, and I feel weak all over. DH is very aware of that.
I come home from work exhausted, and feeling miserable. I get DD from DH and sit down with her. He says he'll be back... He's going to drive 30 minutes to pick up the stuff belonging to this idiot here on work from Germany. I won't go into the details, but I will say this is the guy that almost caused us to not even get married, and almost caused me to move out since... Anyway. About that time, I felt very sick, told him to grab the trash can, and I lost it. DH took DD and I ran to the bathroom. When I got back after changing and brushing my teeth, DH hands DD to me and says he's leaving.
I'm livid. I don't want DD to get sick. DH was gone Thursday thru Sunday on a boy weekend to the beach, worked Mon thru Wed nights... I've had no help, I don't feel well, and he still left. Again.
I'm mad that he left us alone again, mad that he left knowing I was sick, mad that he would risk DD getting sick, mad that he's out getting a break yet again and I haven't had one evening to myself since DD arrived... I signed up for this, I love DD, I love spending time with her, and wouldn't trade being her mommy for anything, but I wouldn't mind a pedicure or something.

Geez I just needed to get that out. Thanks for letting me vent!
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