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Need some quick advice

My 4 week old LO totally has his days and nights reversed. He sleeps 2-3 hr stretches during the night but sleeps great during the day. His last feeding today was at 2 and he fell asleep at 3 and is still sleeping. Our pedi said to only feed on demand now (he's FF) because his weight gain has been awesome but should I wake him to eat? I've read to feed more often during the day to promote STTN but have also read not to wake a sleeping baby. What do u think? And HOW can I get these days and nghts switched. Been trying the EASY way but Is he still too young to get it?
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Re: Need some quick advice

  • I think you should follow his cues and not try to switch him (don't wake him now).  DS just magically figured it out sleeping at night this week.  I didn't do anything to encourage it.  Newborns don't have their circadian rhythm figured

  • One of the things I did was during the day I made sure blinds where open, lights on. Than as the sun went down I would close blinds. This way the baby would notice more so day vs night.
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  • My Ped recommended feed on demand at night but wake to feed during the day so the opportunity for long sleeps are at night not day.

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