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My 6-week birth class at the hospital got canceled!!!

And I have no other options that I can find in town :(

It was scheduled to start April 15th... a little late since I'm 32 weeks, but we had to take April instead of March due to Passover conflicts with several of the classes.  Now they're suggesting the weekender option, but my husband and I are Sabbath-observant Jews, so that's not an option for us either.

They left a voicemail YESTERDAY about the class being canceled, and both I and my OB called back but no one has returned our calls.  Seriously don't know what to do.

 Anyone have any suggestions?  We're in Milwaukee, so I'm looking at other hospitals to see if they'll at least let me take their classes.  I just can't figure out anything.

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Re: My 6-week birth class at the hospital got canceled!!!

  • With my first I never made it to my birthing class. The doctors and nurses are amazing at keeping you calm and talking you through things. If you don't take a class it's not the end of the world.
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  • I would google your zip code and birth classes. I am sure other hospitals, doulas, birth centers and sometimes yoga studios (look for prenatal yoga studios) all have birth classes. We have several options around here. The hardest part will be finding some

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  • I agree that you will be fine without the classes. But I took mine at a different hospital than I deliver at. It might just be a slightly larger fee
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  • Yikes! The Destination Maternity Store near our hospital offers classes in conjunction with some of the medical practices in our area- maybe yours might have something?
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  • That's crappy!

    i think you will be fine without a class but if its important to you, which I understand because it was to me, you could look at some maternity/ baby stores in your area. I took mine through a store like that - they sell baby cloth

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  • FTM here and I decide to only take the breastfeeding class at my hospital.  That was the only part of this whole process I didn't feel confident about. OK enough about me...:-)

    If you can't find another class, I'd keep trying to get in touch

  • image brachatzipora:

    And I have no other options that I can find in town :(

    It was scheduled to start April 15th... a little l

  • We took one online. Just as informative and worked around our schedule.
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  • Hypnobabies has a study at home program, so you can do it when you have time.  They just state that it is not a listen only program.  Also in my area SoCal there are a lot of Hypnobabies instructors who do private classes as well so maybe you ca
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