New mom new to BF... need answers!

Hi All! My daughter was born on Sunday afternoon and we've been doing great breastfeeding (for the most part) until today... total meltdown. Here's what's happening... please any advice will help!!

From 8:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. today she ate almost every half hour. She had a 15 minute feed at 8:15 and a 20minute one of the other side at 9:10, but from that point on it would be only be about 5 minutes (or as little as 10 "sucks") and then she'd pass out dead to the world, wake up in 10-20 minutes, starving obviously, and do the same thing again. Finally, at about 1:15 she ate for a solid 20 minutes again and has been sleeping since (it's now almost 3 p.m.).

Is this normal? I know she's getting milk b/c I see it in her mouth and my breast does "go down" afterwards... is this just an adjustment stage? My milk just came in yesterday...

 Thanks all!

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Re: New mom new to BF... need answers!

  • Totally normal. I accepted my role as human cow at this age and just hung out on the couch in my pj pants and a nursing bra. No reason to wear a shirt because LO was eating every 30-45 minutes. As far as the short feeds where she is falling asleep, you ca
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    yeah when your milk comes in they tend to do this at about a week of age there is a growth spurt.  do a bit of nagging to get feedings to last longer than 5 minutes, sit her up at the waist, unswaddle, change diaper, burp, cool washcloth on feet a


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  • most of what other people said. i've been massaging my breast while feeding which keeps him eating, also tickling feet, ear, etc. i almost always change him in between boobs to wake him up, and try to do 15 and 15 on each. i also always unswaddle and t

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