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Adult and parent bullies

The bully post from yesterday about the girl from Canada got me thinking...

I recently discovered there is a forum that all they do is make fun of people on various forums (The Bump, Hello Bee, Weddingbee, etc.). I've been targeted by them, they are total strangers to me but took a picture I posted of me, DH, and LO just hours after giving birth and posted stuff like "omg she's ugly", "why doesn't she put some makeup on?!", etc.  Whatever, I have better things to do than worry about what a group of women that haven't matured beyond the 7th grade clique mentality have to say about me, and I'm sure if they have babies they'll look like supermodels a few hours after pushing a bowling ball out of their va-jay-jay.

But it got me thinking: Our kids will likely have to deal with the children of people like that at some point. That makes me sad. With all the press coverage of bullying lately, and yet adults still act like that and will likely pass that mentality on to their children if they have any; that type of attitude isn't just turned on and off like a lightswitch.

I cannot imagine being the mother of someone who would bully and push someone into suicide like that girl from Canada and others. While it pales in comparison to being the mother of the victim, one would still have to think "where did I go wrong as a parent that I raised a child like this?"

It makes me keep in mind to be extra vigilant on teaching DS to be a good person, respect others, and do what is right.


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Re: Adult and parent bullies

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