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So it's that time again...

So it's that time again...where I desperately beg you guys for any Pediasure coupons you don't want. :)

I really appreciated soooo many of you last time helping me by donating them to me to help my son's feeding issues. We have made a bit more progress and he added a few new foods he is eating but mostly it's just 4 Pediasure bottles a day. :( So any Pediasure coupons would help so much! Looking for the $2 or $3 ones.

I have Some ETR codes and shutterfly codes, gerber baby food coupons, expired formula checks, and  I also have enfamil coupons. Let me know if there is anything else I could offer!

Thank you guys so much for always helping me! I can't express enough to you how much I truly do appreciate it. :)

You can print link here I think:



You can have them send you an instant $3 coupon by quickly signing up here (super easy!)


Thanks again! -Danielle

Email: dzappit123@yahoo.com 

Re: So it's that time again...

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