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Almost 39 weeks and Dr said...

I have yet to have a cervical check as my Dr's office does not do them until you are in labor or having issues. That in itself is super frustrating especially since I am on our 3rd bundle of joy. So today I see Dr. and he takes measurements & heartbeat...and says he will do check next week, strip membranes and give me an induction date. I am due 4/20 so my next appt is day before my due date, I kind of feel like what's the point of having membranes stripped if they are going to give me an induction date anyway? I heard the stripping is painful and sometimes does nothing anyway.......any advice ladies?

Re: Almost 39 weeks and Dr said...

  • To me it would depend on your birth plan. I would try the membrane sweep before trying to induce because it's a more natural way to start labor than inducing.  I'm a FTM so what do I know, I've been no progress with a high cervix for the last

  • My strip didn't hurt this time, but it did last time.  I don't know if maybe she didn't do enough, or if maybe she was just more gentle. 

    Every doc is different.  If you're concerned or want a check, did you ask for one?  I

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    18 months of timed sex, checking cm, 5 of those months on clomid and progesterone, thousands of OPK, hundreds of HPT, an STP, countless dildo cam u/s and pct later, we have a baby in there! due date 4/18/13
  • Stripping your membrane is a more natural - and pretty common - way to try and get labor started. Your doc will want to try that first to see if you go into labor naturally and schedule the induction just in case you don't. I've asked my doctor to hold of
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  • My doctor didn't do checks, and I go in to be induced Sunday and I still didn't get check on my last appointment. He just said he'd see me Sunday.
  • My first was born day before due date at night. My 2nd I had induction scheduled but went into labor that morning (2 days before due date). This time I know EXACTLY  the date of conception, where as 9 yrs ago, I wasn't the best at tracking my cycle a
  • I would way rather have my membranes stripped in hopes of labor starting on it's own after that... than be induced with pitocin. And having your membranes swiped is more just "uncomfortable" than it is painful.  I mean yeah it hurts a little but i

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  • I have asked since 37 weeks and Dr said they no longer do cervical checks as it raises risk for infection and pre-term labor. Now that I will be 39 weeks tomorrow they still said no to checking today. I don't feel like I should have to lie to dr and say I
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    I have asked since 37 weeks and Dr said they no longer do cervical checks as it raises risk for infection and pre-term
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  • Stripping your membranes can sometimes help put you into labor if you're close already. I would absolutely do that before getting induced! Also, I wouldn't let my provider schedule an induction until I was at least at 41 to 42 weeks as long as everything
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  • Tomorrow is my due date and at my last appt Thursday my dr offered to strip the membranes. I declined and we are planning on trying it next week. Plus we will be setting the induction next week. I'm not sure how far out they will let me schedule it but I'
  • I asked my doc as my checkup today what a membrane sweep entailed. Yea, the demonstration nearly made me want cry, and vomit. No thanks! More power to you ladies but that looks like it hurts like a mo fo! Then I was relieved to hear he said he prefers not
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