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When visiting family, are they cool with you using their washer for CD laundry?

A post I read earlier (Are you an all or nothing family) had some comments that made me think about this. We are expecting our first baby in July, and I really want to try DH is totally on board when he heard how much money we could save.

My family, however, all think I'm insane and that it is disgusting. Which really kind of annoys me/hurt my feelings in the beginning because they don't know anything about it. My Mom in particular, the only one I personally told, thought it was a hilarious joke and laughed about it to her four sisters who I'm sure are fully expecting me to fail at this.

My question is this...all of our extended family live hours away. To visit my Mom, its a two hour plane ride and 2 hour car ride. She thinks it's disgusting that I will be putting poo in the washing machine, so I'm pretty sure I won't be allowed to wash diapers at her house. She's even said when she comes to visit after the baby is born, that she will be using disposables. I've told her that if we're ready to use cloth, she can learn how to use it too or leave it to us.

Most of our extended family is a 5-6 hour car ride away. We would likely only be visiting for Christmas, maybe twice a year. We would need to stay with an Aunt of mine, and I feel uncomfortable asking to use her washing machine as well, because of the "joke" I feel like this has become to them.

Do any of you have relatives that are just completely unsupportive, or who are just uncomfortable lending their washer to CD laundry? They literally live in the mountains, so a laundromat is not the most convenient option...and I'm not sure hand washing is something I'd want to do. I'm guessing I'll just have to suck it up and use sposies when I visit family...which from what I've read on here sucks when you're not used to it. It sounds like more blow outs and problems than cloth... 

Sorry for the long post...just wish my family was a little more supportive since I don't have any friends using CDs either. 

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Re: When visiting family, are they cool with you using their washer for CD laundry?

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