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When visiting family, are they cool with you using their washer for CD laundry?

A post I read earlier (Are you an all or nothing family) had some comments that made me think about this. We are expecting our first baby in July, and I really want to try DH is totally on board when he heard how much money we could save.

My family, however, all think I'm insane and that it is disgusting. Which really kind of annoys me/hurt my feelings in the beginning because they don't know anything about it. My Mom in particular, the only one I personally told, thought it was a hilarious joke and laughed about it to her four sisters who I'm sure are fully expecting me to fail at this.

My question is this...all of our extended family live hours away. To visit my Mom, its a two hour plane ride and 2 hour car ride. She thinks it's disgusting that I will be putting poo in the washing machine, so I'm pretty sure I won't be allowed to wash diapers at her house. She's even said when she comes to visit after the baby is born, that she will be using disposables. I've told her that if we're ready to use cloth, she can learn how to use it too or leave it to us.

Most of our extended family is a 5-6 hour car ride away. We would likely only be visiting for Christmas, maybe twice a year. We would need to stay with an Aunt of mine, and I feel uncomfortable asking to use her washing machine as well, because of the "joke" I feel like this has become to them.

Do any of you have relatives that are just completely unsupportive, or who are just uncomfortable lending their washer to CD laundry? They literally live in the mountains, so a laundromat is not the most convenient option...and I'm not sure hand washing is something I'd want to do. I'm guessing I'll just have to suck it up and use sposies when I visit family...which from what I've read on here sucks when you're not used to it. It sounds like more blow outs and problems than cloth... 

Sorry for the long post...just wish my family was a little more supportive since I don't have any friends using CDs either. 

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Re: When visiting family, are they cool with you using their washer for CD laundry?

  • My mom thinks it is completely crazy that I CD, but she doesn't mind me using her washer.  She even helps with the laundry.  My MIL is very supportive of CDing, so she doesn't mind at all.
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  • Honestly, the fact that they thing I would fail or that they laughed at me would make me want to hand wash just to stick it in their face. I'm stubborn and bull headed. Lol

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  • They all thought I was bat sh!t crazy at first.  Now they all say that they wish diapers like these were available when they had their babies.


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  • You know...I specifically asked my mom about this because she lives 20 hours away from me and has an expensive HE front loader, etc.   Her response:

    "Why would I have a problem with it??  It'd be no different than if S was potty tr


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  • I would do the wait and see method. And when the time comes, just ask.

    You never know what will happen when you start showing people the process.
  • My family has been more supportive than yours is. We wash at my ILs' house, no problem. But I know my SIL thinks it's a little weird, so when we went there for 4 days last winter I used disposables for the first couple days, then switched to cloth and

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  • I have washed my diapers at my parent's, my brother's, and a friends. Once we started solids, though, it was just too much effort (he didn't have ploppable poop until about 18 months) and I just used disposables. I never had any problems with disposables,
  • skoozskooz
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    Sorry your family isn't being very supportive. That makes things harder. But really, using sposies for a couple weeks a year is not the end of the world. I'm not sure why its such a big deal.

    My in laws let us wash dipes in their machine one vis

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  • My mom was extremely supportive but she CDed my brother. My ILs think I'm nuts but they haven't said anything, just rolled their eyes. All my friends think I'm nuts. But so far I love CDing and the extra laundry is NBD!

    I have yet to have to
  • So will she never let you wash LO's clothes when there's a blowout?

    Anyway, my parents and ILs are fine with it. Both DH and I were CD'd, so it's nbd to them. Here's a funny story, though. My expecting best friend and her SO thought that no poop

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    My family all thought I was crazy too until they figured out it was not that hard.  I stayed with my sister for a month last summer and she did not mind us using the washer and drier, I just made sure to get "everything" off!  When I travel thou
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    I'll add just one thing...beware of mold!  Have a plan b ready if you do cloth at their house and they refuse to let you use their machines.  Don't let the dirty diapers sit until you get home, even if it's just a few days.  I am currently
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  • I would use sposies when on vacation, especially if your relatives find it gross. Plus, they'd take up an entire suitcase on their own. If your mom wants to use sposies when she's visiting, let her buy them. I would definitely show her how to use the C

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  • My mom, grandmother, and MIL all used cloth so for them it's no big deal. My grandmother has said little remarks, all in all my family has been very supportive of us using cloth.

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  • My mom thought i was crazy but now lets me use her washer and is completely on board, seeing as how DD hasn't had a diaper rash since she was a newborn (prefolds. never using them again) except when she was in sposies for a vacation.
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  • I feel your pain. I got mocked at my own baby shower about wanting to use cloth. That's why this board is a great place to be because we know we're not crazy. ;

    You could always bring enough diapers to be able to wash when you get home. I
  • Thanks for all the replies! I love how supportive this board is. :) I guess we will have to see how the family responds once LO is here and we're actually using them. I feel like if my mom was on board and realized how much CDs have changed since a gen

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  • I told my mom when we were still in first trimester and she had the same reaction as yours. But after sending her pictures of all the fluff and how excited I am about it she is more on board. But I am plane trips away from family and will tackle that when
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  • My parents manage a should see what goes into their washer! I'm sure my CDs will be nbd when we visit them fora weekend when lo is 4-6 weeks old.
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  • Everyone was surprisingly supportive on our trip back home. I planned ahead of time to use my Gran's washer on the second day in case other peoplehad an issue. Everyone ended up letting us wash though. We did have disposables for the plane bc we were w

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  • I would ask before you go, so you can be prepared.   I have some family who is fine with the thought, others have said "not in my house basically" even though none of them think we will actually be successful at CDing
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  • On the one long trip we went on I just took disposables so the issue wouldn't even come up.  The 14 hour car drive was a big motivator in this though.  

    My parents thought I was a weirdo when I said I wanted to use cloth but then they s

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  • image namara5532:
    I feel your pain. I got mocked at my own baby shower about wanting to use cloth. That's why this board is a great pla
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  • if the laundromat isn't too far, i'd just take cloth and ask after getting there 'i will be doing laundry in two days, can i use your washer or do i need to take them to the laundromat?'

    both my mom and my mil thought we were crazy to try thi
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  • No one has even acted like it was an issue. That's what washers are for, right? To clean things. 
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  • image MrsAB1316:

    You know...I specifically asked my mom about this because she lives 20 hours away from me and has an expensive HE f

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