2nd Trimester

Maid service?

So, DH and I are making our budgets for the upcoming months, asking new moms we know what "unexpected" things came up in the first weeks and months

About half told us they recommend a maid service twice a month for "sanitizing." 


We can work it in with little to no issues, so money wise, its a "skip a few cravings" expensive.


Any STMs or people with maid service able to tell me if its worth it? 

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Re: Maid service?

  • I haven't had my baby yet but at almost 33 weeks pregnant I can tell you that maid service is 100% worth it in your third trimester. We live in a 4 bedroom/3 bathroom home and the last time I cleaned our home from top to bottom I ended up with BH and back
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  • We have gotten by without it... We "might" get someone to help once LO #2 arrives because it will be harder with a toddler and infant to get stuff done. The whole "just to have them sanitize" is stupid. To shield you kids from germs is a bad idea, it will
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  • We have a maid twice a month who does the bottom half of the house. Huge relief when I had really bad ms. 
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  • Well, we already have someone come in and clean our home every other week, so it is safe to say that I am a huge advocate of "cleaning assistance". DH and I both work full-time in demanding jobs and the last thing we want to do in the evenings and on t

  • My mom gave me the gift of paying for a cleaning service for 3 months after our first was born.  It was great - just knowing the place would be clean a couple times a month was great.  So great that after that time was up, I kept the cleaners

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    I haven't had my baby yet but at almost 33 weeks pregnant I can tell you that maid service is 100% worth it in your
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  • Thanks. I think I will look into the general cleaning since we'll both have full time jobs, and skip the sanitizing only thing.

    it does seem better to let them have some germs

    I like that one of you out it, the lady thing you wa
    Eat your food people. You are pregnant, not made of glass. ~PrimRoseMama
    The Benes Boys were born 9/3/13! woooo
  • Hire the cleaners; skip the sanitizing. There is so much evidence that being too clean leads to problems down the road.
  • It looks like you've been persuaded, but I just wanted to add that having a cleaning lady/maid service etc is one of the BEST decisions we made after getting married. We both work full time so we pay someone to keep the place at a reasonable level of c

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  • I'm thinking about it. MH travels a lot and between having a toddler and a high risk pregnancy, my house is going to be a disaster.
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  • I have gone through 3 cleaning lady's, they are helpful but I often find they get lazy over time. I feel like they clean my house how I want to be able to clean it every other week. I do enjoy not having to mop the floors or clean the showers or tubs. I u
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  • Jumping in on this...I dont have a cleaning lady yet but I am in desperate need of one! Hubby is a bit of a slob but has no desire to pick up after himself and with my six year old and full time job and long drive back and forth to work all day I liter

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  • We have never done it and probably won't now since I am finally working from home now...(unless I get put on restrictions) but it would TOTALLY be worth it if not a big deal financially. I would recommend it for very end of pregnancy and for the first 2-3
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  • We have someone come in every two weeks, and it has been a lifesaver.  It also makes it easier to keep the house relatively clean between visits because it never gets to that point where it seems overwhelming so you do nothing (LOL!).  Our weeke



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    My question to all of you who have hired help or have had them in the past..what were you paying. I know it

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  • We have a housekeeper come in every other week. And it is worth every penny. I don't know about the 'sanitizing' part, I am pretty sure our lady just does a thorough surface clean, but she does things like wipe the baseboards and scrub the grout and other


  • I have to have a maid every other week for my sanity. I cannot stay on top of laundry and bathrooms etc without her. Absolutely necessary for a working mom
  • Totally agree with pp. No baby yet, but my life became so much happier when DH agreed to a cleaning service every other week.   Cannot imagine not having it being a working mom.  As for the sanitation, as long as you perform "maintenance

  • I'd spring for it the first 6 months after baby arrives. That way you can save for it. IMHO it's helpful and worth it.
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  • I don't think this is needed. I never would have needed or even wanted something like that when pregnant or after I had DS. But that's me and DH. Everyone is different and has different needs and wants.
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    Well, we already have someone come in and clean our home every other week, so it is safe to say that I am a hug

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  • We are expecting baby 4 and I have never had a maid and don't plan on getting one. Unless it is something you plan on having forever I don't see the point you need to be to juggle it all eventually. And I agree with what another poster said about germs.
  • Nope.  Never had.  Never intend on using one.  I'm unemployed and perfectly capable of cleaning my own house.  AND I'd be too paranoid about having things stolen or irreplaceable items getting broken.  (And yes, I've heard horr

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