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Driving after delivery?

What's the procedure for driving after delivery? Not home from the hospital but just as there are lifting, carrying and straining limitations... Are there driving limitations?


Re: Driving after delivery?

  • I was advised by my OB not to drive for six weeks because the muscles used to drive can strain your perineum & I tore.



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  • At discharge the nurse told me 2 weeks but she said that was really only if I was taking the pain meds. Since I didn't tear or have any issues and my recovery was super easy, I wasn't taking anything. So she said it really didn't matter and I could drive
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  • I was told a week, but since that isn't feasible for us I followed up. I didn't tear. The strongest med I'm on is Motrin.  I was told to give it 48 hours from release (96hours from delivery) anyway because my body went through so much and needs to

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  • With my first 2 the discharge paperwork said no driving for 2 weeks.  I followed his because if I got in an accident and it was discovered I'd had driving restrictions I could be in a lot of trouble.  I felt perfectly fine though and really d

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  • My OB said I was right to drive on discharge. No restrictions last time either.
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  • I had 2 vaginal deliveries and neither time did I tear or anything. I never asked and was never told about restrictions. At the time of DD1's birth DH's license was actually suspended so I drove home. I also drove to the beach 4 days post pardem. With #2
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  • I delivered vaginally with 2nd degree tear and was told no driving for 2 weeks.

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  • With my c I couldn't have driven for at least a month. I couldn't react with out fear if hurt myself.
  • I was told 2 weeks, but my nurse said since I didn't tear and am not taking anything for pain that I can sooner as long as I feel ok and rested.  I probably won't need to until after my h goes back to work anyway.
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  • I drove 2 weeks after my csection. I wasn't taking pain medications at that point, and I needed to drive DD2 to preschool. I feel like I'm completely recovered at this point.
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  • This is my first experience but several people I know have reported two weeks. I didn't ask their delivery type or any other details but two weeks seems to be the norm in my area. I'm going to line someone up to drive us to the 1 week appointment and make
  • I had stitches everywhere (4th degree tears), so I wasn't able to sit completely upright at first.  It felt like I was pulling one side to the other.  It took at least a couple weeks before I could comfortably sit upright enough to drive myself.
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  • I've heard that if you drive earlier than what is recommended your car insurance will not cover you if you're in an accident. I would maybe check with your insurance company or maybe it's just the restrictions the dr puts you on?
  • image katief27:
    At discharge the nurse told me 2 weeks but she said that was really only if I was taking the pain meds. Since I didn
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  • I had a c/s and was told two weeks. 
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  • My doctor never said anything about not driving. I had 2 vaginal deliveries.
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  • I was only on restrictions if I was on the pain meds.  I had a first degree tear and didn't take any medication for it so I was good to go.  That being said, I still didn't do much driving for a couple weeks, just because I didn't want LO out an

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  • I drove home from the hospital and have driven a few times since then. As long as I got myself in a semi comfortable position it was fine (I had a 2nd degree tear as well). I was told to try not to lift my toddler for awhile while my body healed though.&n
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