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Recommend you toddler chair

I would like to get DD a toddler chair. She LOVES to hangout in mommy's fav seat so I think she will get a kick out of having her own. I would like one of decent quality that will be around a few years and will take a good beating. I would like to spend less then $100 so probably not the anywhere chair. Thanks for yous suggestions!
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Re: Recommend you toddler chair

  • I got my everywhere chair for 100. Just wait until they go on sale. It is his favorite thing!!!

  • Both my girls have an Anywhere Chair from PB Kids.  DD1 has had hers for 1.5 years and it still looks new.  The covers wash easily too.
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  • There are some anywhere chairs on pottery barn kids website on sale from 89 to 99. Or I have seen the chairs that fold out into a little bed at Toys R Us.
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  • We also have an anywhere chair. My DS loves it!!! Apparently there is a company called ugly chair that are pretty much the same thing. Maybe check them out
  • I can't find the exact one we got DS for christmas, but it's pretty much the same as this one:

    The only difference is ours has rockers and is Thomas the Train. We love it. It's held up well so far and DS really likes it. He still prefers to sit on our couch, but he sits in his chair a lot. DS climbs all over it and pushes it around the living room, and it's still in great condition. It's also sturdy enough, even with the rockers, that it doesn't tip over or move when he stands in it. 

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  • DS has a cheaper chair from TRU and I hate that thing.  But, he's attached, so it's a permanent fixture.  The fabric has snagged and it's hard to clean.  DD has the anywhere chair.  I love it.  Best feature is that the cover comes off so that you can stick it in the wash

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