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Has Sadie gone to the dogs?

I love Sadie but I hear so many "that's a dogs name" comments when I tell people it's on our list.  I've never met a dog named Sadie so I have to ask do you think it's gone to the dogs?  I also find it ironic that people don't associate Bella and Max with dog names but those are the most common ones I hear at the dog park!

Re: Has Sadie gone to the dogs?

  • I don't think so. I like names that end in -ie. However, I don't think they age well. They are nice as NN's though.
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  • Nope. My oldest is Sadie. Her given name :
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  • I think it is a perfectly fine human name. I will say though that our dog is named Sadie and I know at least 4 other dogs named Sadie. It is just getting trendy to give dogs human names so any name could be a dog name. Sadie is a fantastic name and you sh
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  • I wouldn't worry about it as long as you don't have a dog close to named Sadie. Its a nice name for a girl.
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  • I am a dog walker and know 3 Sadie's with four legs.
    Other names that would be out for me personally for this reason are
    All are beautiful people names but have become really popular in the dog world to
  • IMO, yes. Same with Bailey.
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  • People like to give dogs human names. That's ok. But it doesn't make them dog names. If you wanted to name a child fido I'd roll me eyes. But Sadie and Molly and max are for people. 
  • Don't know any dogs that are Sadie, but I did have a very, very old lunch lady with that name when I was in elementary school, so I automatically pair it with "old woman."

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  • I really wouldn't pay any mind to the dog comments. They are so unfounded to me. I worked as a receptionist in a veterinarian clinic during college and checked in so many more Molly's, Maggie's, Chloe's, and Abby's than Sadie's.

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  • I think it's fine. Most of my dogs have had people names and I never strictly associate them as such.
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  • I had a dog named Sadie when I was a kid, but also went to school with a girl named Sadie. I hate the "that's a dog's name" statement because they were people names first. I've had dogs named Timmy and Delilah, as well as my current three, Casie, Penny, a
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  • I went to summer camp with a girl named Sadie she's in her early 30's now. I also have an 8th grade student named Sadie. Never met a dog named Sadie.
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  • image juniper19:
    People like to give dogs human names. That's ok. But it doesn't make them dog names. If you wanted to name a child fid
  • I agree with PP, don't worry about it.

    My name is quite common for dogs, ducks, cows etc... and that's kinda lame but it's still a perfectly legit human name. In fact, I get a lot of compliments on it. I don't know any dogs named Sadie and we pla

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  • My son is milo, we use to get the dog name a lot, more then anything it just annoys me because this is a already born baby with the name like why tell me your unwanted rude opinion. My best friend is Mabel which is also a "dog" name.

  • I don't know any Sadie dogs. I do know a human Sadie, though. I like it.
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  • What an interesting question considering DH's aunt stole BOTH my girl names for her dogs!  Sadie and Lucy were front runners for us until she gave the names to her dogs.  I think it's a human name!




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  • Sadie is a people name. I've never known any dogs named Sadie, and even if I did, it would still be a great name for a human. 

    Besides, dogs are cool. I'm pretty sure when I was a kid I would've loved to have had the same name as someone's p

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  • I love Sadie and don't get the dog reference either..  I know or have known plenty of dogs named Max, Jack, Tucker, Emma, Bella etc. and don't think of them as dog names.     I think its a great name that is both adorable on
  • My dog's name is Sadie but I think it's so cute for a little girl.
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  • My aunt had a dog named Sadie. I also know a girl with a daughter named Sadie.

    When someone says, "That's a dogs name.", I think to myself, well it was a human name first!

    I think Sadie is adorable. FWIW, I had a dog named Angus growin

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  • I had a student named Sadie and I thought it was cute. My aunts dog is Sadie but she also doesn't have children. My opinion is that it is a girls name and people need to get more create with their pet names. My dog is Zeppelin.
  • Sadie is on our short list.  I don't care if people associate it with dogs--it is a PEOPLE name.  Sparky?  Fluffy?  Rover?  Dog names.

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