Pregnant after a Loss

How long did you wait?

Hi everyone! we recently had a miscarriage / blighted ovum two weeks ago. I should have been 6 and a half weeks. luckily it was a natural miscarriage, no d and c required! my question, if you had a similar situation, how long were you told to wait? how long did you wait, and how long did it take to conceive?
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Re: How long did you wait?

  • I was told to wait 2 cycles, and was pregnant after 3 cycles.  My OB is pretty conservative.  Good Luck!  
  • Sorry for your loss.  With my D&C we were cleared to try after 1 regular cycle.  They didn't say anything to me after my natural m/c and I got pregnant right away.  I don't have confirmation yet that this one is healthy, and I don't kno
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  • We had to wait a month after my D&C.  I got pregnant the first cycle of trying again, but I don't ovulate on my own and that cycle did include fertility meds (Femara and Gonal f).
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  • I had an early mc and we were told to abstain nothing in the vagina for 2 weeks. No further instructions. We conceived again 9 months later via IVF.
    Natural m/c Oct. 2005

    Dx: balanced translocation and LPD

    TTC since Oct 2011

    BPF 02/19/12, EDD 10/31/12, natural m/c 02/28/12 (4w6d)

    IVF (BCPs starting 10/30/12, ER 11/18/12, 5dt of 1 beautiful, healthy embryo 11/23/12)
    BFP 12/02/12, u/s @ 6w,5d showed 2 HBs! Identical twins!!
    Bed rest from 21w-35w due to short cervix, hospital bed rest from 23w-32w due to PTL
    Our rainbows were born 07/19/13 (36w, 5d)

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  • Told to wait one cycle, waited two because we were not in the right place after the first one. Six cycles of TTC to get pregnant again. 

    Please, please listen to what your doctor tells you to do. 

    ETA: I was told nothing in the va

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  • Was told to wait 2 cycles and coneived on the 4th cycle (my cycles are long, so it was more like 6 months).

    BFP #1 09/15/09, MMC 09/28/09
    BFP #2 06/04/12, EDD 02/09/13, MC at 6w3d on 06/18/12
    BFP #3 01/16/13, EDD 10/04/13, Born 09/17/13

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  • I had an ectopic, so it was a little different, but I was told to wait 3 months.  My gf recently had a natural m/c and she was told to wait 2 months.

    After our wait, I got pregnant again (with the help of an IUI).  I am pretty uncomfort

    Age: 29 | DH Age: 31
    Diagnosed with PCOS
    TTC Since 2009
    July 2011- IUI #1 BPN (Clomid, Ovidrel, Crinone)
    Aug 2011- IUI Cancelled (Clomid, Ovidrel, Crinone)
    Sept 2011- IUI Cancelled (Clomid, Ovidrel, Crinone)
    Oct 2011- IUI Cancelled (Clomid, Ovidrel, Crinone)
    Nov 2011- IUI #2 BPN (Femara, Ovidrel, Crinone)
    Took a break and then found a new RE
    Oct 2012- IUI #3 BPN (Follistim, Ovidrel, Crinone)
    Nov 2012- IUI #4 (Follistim, Ovidrel, Crinone)
    BFP on November 29th
    Pregnancy was ectopic and terminated on December 8th
  • image ncchnat:

    Told to wait one cycle, waited two because we were not in the right place after the first one. Six cycles of TTC to g

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  • With our incomplete miscarriage/D&C, my doctor ordered me to wait 2 full cycles before trying again and after we were good to try again I got pregnant on my 2nd cycle. I'd say with your situation you probably won't need to wait any more than one cycle
  • I was told the standard advice is to wait 3 cycles, but since it had taken so long to get pregnant the first time, wait at least one, then do what I was comfortable with. Miraculously, I was pregnant 6 weeks after my natural m/c, which was 9.5 weeks afte
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  • I had the same thing happen and my doctor told us we didn't need to avoid but that it would be best to wait until after AF so that we would be able to date the pregnancy.  We didn't wait and I got a BFP almost exactly a month after my mc started.&nbs

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  • I am so sorry for your loss! Has your doctor given you a set amount of time he or she wants you to wait before trying? From what I've read online, it varies from doctor to doctor. Regardless, I encourage you to follow their suggestions!

    I had

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