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Pacifiers? Yay or Nay at 2.5 weeks ...

I have to start off by saying that last night was the most difficult night we have had since we brought our now 17 day old from the hospital!  Nothing would soother her.  For 9 hour straight, all she wanted was to be on my boobs!

At one point, when we were changing her, and she was just screaming (so loud we were sure she would hurt herself) we gave her a pacifier.  She sucked on it for a few minutes, and looked quite perplexed by the whole thing; although it did soother her.  Within 10 minutes, she was back to breastfeeding, and didn't seem to be phased by the transition between.  My big concern is nipple confusion between the paci and breastfeeding.

My question is, when did people start using pacifiers with their little ones?  And also, when do you use them?  Just during changing times?  Overnight?  Everywhere inbetween?

Re: Pacifiers? Yay or Nay at 2.5 weeks ...

  • We gave dd the paci in the hospital.  It was a life/boob saver.  She used it mostly for naps/bedtime.  No issues with nipple confusion for her- she lays preferred the boob.

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  • We started using a paci in the hospital on day 2.  We haven't had any issues with interfering with BFing.  

    DS likes the paci when falling asleep and for a short time, I gave it to him after he nursed on both sides because he seemed to

  • We love the pacifier at our house. I know some people say to wait for a month but DS had gained weight at his 2 week appt so eating plenty. :-) 
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  • My DD loves her paci. We gave it to her on day 2 in the hospital. She mainly uses it to help her fall to sleep and sometimes after a feeding. I haven't noticed any nipple confusion. It's also great for when she is fussy. It usually calms her down.
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  • do it!

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    do it!

    This!! :-) 

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  • We gave one to DS within the first week, and he usually uses it when he's fussy and sometimes to fall asleep. It definitely calms him down. He hasn't had any issues with nipple confusion.
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  • We love it! When dd is done eating and is just suckin for comfort I pop her off and stick the paci in. Of she still wants to eat she turns her head away from the paci now. No confusion here




  • I wish my daughter would enjoy pacifiers!  She will suck only for a matter of seconds and spits them out.  I've tried so many different kinds and none seem to satisfy her.  She constantly wants to suck on fingers, nipples, her arms.....anyt
  • We were trying to wait for the pacifier too but ended up giving in one really rough night just like you. It was the first week though! It hasn't phased him at all, most of the time he won't keep it in his mouth but every once in a while he just wants to s

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  • In reply to amylou...This is exactly the same for me! Sometimes it seems as though the pacifier goes to far back and gags her or something! I've tried a few different ones too...I wish I had one that was a smaller sucker thing just because she seems to
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  • My kids never really took to the paci, so not speaking from personal experience here.  But if you think BFing is well established and it seems to be helping LO, I say go with it.  The AAP actually recommends parents consider using a paci during
  • My original plans were to EBF so I had banned pacifiers in the hospital. On night 2 in the hospital, I was dead exhausted. My LO had a very strong need to suck that I got no rest as he was on my boob constantly. I remember LO crying, waking up, and seeing

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    In reply to amylou...This is exactly the same for me! Sometimes it seems as though the pacifier goes to far back a

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    Pacifiers can be a useful tool.

    The worry is not really nipple confusion, as well there isn't any food involved, and it's really bottle nipple preference with a side of faster flow preference that you have to worry about.

    I do worry a b


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    In reply to amylou...This is exactly the same for me! Sometimes it seems as though the pacifier goes to far back a
  • I used a Nuk pacifier the first day at the hospital and still was able to breastfeed. He didn't seem to hold it in his mouth for very long.. like 10-15 minutes at a time and was always trying to turn it so I changed it to the MAM pacifier which I love

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  • I waited with DD1 and she never really got into the paci. She also was crappy at self soothing and a crummy sleeper. With DD2 I gave her one in the hospital. We've had no issues and she already calms herself really well with the paci, can fall asleep by h
  • We started in the hospital.  We use it all the time and have had no issues with nipple confusion. I would lose my mind without it :)

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  • My son didn't like them, so we never really used them much with him. With my daughter, we gave our nurse permission to give her a pacifier in the hospital since she was nursing nonstop and I hadn't slept in 3 days. We had no issues with it. When we got
  • DH was not keen on letting LO have one but we went ahead and let her have it because of some fussy times at night. It works great... it's a good soother and I don't see a problem with nipple confusion either. We only use it when she is fussy or to help ge
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  • I think we are the odd ones out here. Our dd is just over 4 weeks and still hasn't used a soother. When she wants to suck for comfort I just put her back on the breast. It doesn't bother me in the slightest. As of right now I can't see us using a pacifier
  • My son loves the tommee tippie pacifiers. It never occurred to me that they came in different sizes but we got a free newborn paci with a sterilizer. He absolutely loves it. At babies r us yesterday they had about three different newborn sizes to choose f
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