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Alright, SO... my brother & sister-in-law just had a baby girl the end of November. She is breastfed. I had a breast reduction when I was 15 and my boobs never "hurt" like most women describe, and they also never "dried up" as I have heard is painful too. I did not try to breastfed my #1 DS but have considered it this time around, at least giving it a try. BUT if it does not work... my sister-in-law called me today and asked me if I would ever want to use her milk that she has been pumping and putting in the freezer, (She is very cleanly and doesn't smoke or drink or any of that kind of stuff) She said she has over 2000 oz of milk in the freezer and if we would want it would prefer our son to have it, rather than her donating it. SO! My question is... what are you thoughts on using someone elses breast milk!? Also, I am not sure how my husband will feel about this either.. thoughts???


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