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Sleep at 2 weeks

My LO is 2 weeks today. I am feeling so sleep deprived today. Some days she does well n others are more challenging.

Lately, she won't go to bed from 7:30 until midnight while cluster feefing, and when she does fall asleep, she only stays asleep if she is co sleeping, because when she goes in her bassinet she wakes right up.

It isn't until 6 or 9 in the morning that she will sleep on her own in a deep sleep n not wake up while in her bassinet.

I really live sleeping with her but don't want to make her dependent on sleeping with us n end up having her in our bed for years, like my sisters kids are!

I struggle with this cause I try n sleep as much as possible during that time, but at the same time, I want her to be up n active to get her to realize its day n hopefully sleep earlier.


I breastfeed n don't pump so hysband can't do shifts, plus he works n I stay home, so I don't want to ask him to lose the sleep he needs during the day.

How are your LO sleeping at 2 weeks? I know it's still to early for a schedule, but I wish I could pick up on her patterns. They seem so different every night. She sleeps big at 4 to 6 but I can't very well go to bed that early!

Anyone else exhausted at 2 weeks? What has worked for you?
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Re: Sleep at 2 weeks

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