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Dr. rant / confusion

Alright, so I've always felt like my doctor didn't read my charts, but now things went a bit to far. In the last 12 weeks I've had 5 ultrasounds, all on different instruments, different technicians, even different buildings and they have ALL consistently measured him to be large and are proportional to each other. At 28 weeks you could see my son had the cutest little chubby cheeks, but honestly- 28 weeks? So I've asked my doctor at EVERY appointment about his size and every time i get the same response. "He's not much bigger than normal and I vaginally delivered an 11 pound baby once" then he laughs and toots his own horn for a little bit. Typically this is followed up with "those things are frequently wrong anyways", and I always let it drop sense my doctor was assuring me that my child was fine. So Tuesday I go for my 38 week growth scan and shockingly enough, my son is measuring large..again. Imagine my surprise when the maternal and fetal care doctor then asked to speak with me (something that never happens) and comes in and starts talking about how based on the measurements and all of the previous scans they believe there is a good chance that at 38 weeks my son was already over 9 lbs, and that may be underestimating it. Then she starts asking me about my 3 hour glucose test, which btw I never had because I  passed my one hour. She was quite surprised to find out that I never had it because apparently they have been recommending the three hour in their reports since 30 weeks because of his size and my doctor has NEVER mentioned this to me. I could have had GD and managing it WAY better for the last 8 weeks and never knew it, because he never read the report. Now I'm mad at myself because I feel like I put my child at risk for not pushing the issue with my doctor even though I knew something was wrong, I'm mad at him because I feel like he was negligent and I'm scared that my son is going to be affected by all of this. In addition, my son is still not in position, he's laying sideways facing the wrong direction, and every time I try to ask a question I feel like I get cut off and dismissed. I just want to know what the safest option moving forward is, and just don't know if I can trust my doctor to provide it. Last week he offhandedly remarked that he would "electively induce" at 39 weeks  and I dismissed it because I don't want to evict my child just for the hell of it, but now I'm not so sure. How can they even induce if he's not in position and to my knowledge I'm not dilated at all? I feel like I'm being set up for an emergency C-section and I don't know what to do. I have an appointment with him later today (which when I called the office this morning they had conveniently forgotten to schedule and now i'm being "fit in") and I don't know whether to go in spitting mad or whether to trust his medical opinions.
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