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Easy toddler meals

Anyone have any easy meals for breakfast and lunch? I think DS is getting burnt out on the usual and since I'm stuck snowed in figured I would try to see if anyone had any tips. I've looked on pinterest too but want the least amount of ingredients possible :)
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Re: Easy toddler meals

  • I'd love dinner ideas too!

    DS loves a whole wheat tortilla with PB and banana or applesauce served like a quesadilla for lunch.

    For breakfast the quick banana and 2 eggs pancakes are a hit too!
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  • I've hit the point of just breaking up whatever we're having for dinner.  I swear I've got an "old soul" of a DS because put a piece of ham in front of him he'll gobble it up, put a piece of ham lunchmeat in front of him and not going to happen!&n

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  • Alex loves cheesy scrambled eggs for breakfast. I made oatmeal this morning and he liked it alright, until I put some honey on top - then he couldn't get it in his mouth fast enough! We eat homemade waffles often, too, and pureed fruit. He won't eat ba

    DS born 12/2011
    DD born 03/2014

  • Josephine eats cereal for breakfast (honey nut cheerios, or multi grain cheerios) toast, and has juice or a piece of fruit

    Fruit for a snack

    Lunch -- Chicken breast strips (not fried grilled that I made) or dinner left overs from the night

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  • We all eat the same thing for meals unless the main meal is too spicy.

    Our regulars are

    *perogies fried with spinach and onions



    *fancy grilled cheese

    *finger food lunch: hummus, p

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