Anyone else's kid hate jeans?

DD1 never wants to wear jeans, jean shorts, etc. She only wants to wear comfy pants as in leggings, yoga pants, sweats, or dresses. Anyone else's kid like this?
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Re: Anyone else's kid hate jeans?

  • Yep, DD1 has been like this for a while now. She wears a lot of dresses and knit tights or leggings, and she has several pair of the leggings with attached skirt. The only pair of jeans I can get her to wear is a pair of skinny jeans that fit more like le
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  • hocushocus
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    My kid won't wear jean or any stiff pants. She wears leggings, sweats, or cotton shorts. (and sometimes dresses but not very option). It doesn't bother me.  I buy what she likes. Most likely she'll ask for jeans at some point, but even if she never l
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  • rsd12rsd12
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    I can't get my boys into jeans. We have a school and church/holiday rule, so they don't look like complete bums everyday... since there are minimal options for boys clothing. But completely normal.
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  • yes - no jeans at our house. 

    DD will only wear leggings or tights.  I think I've managed to get to wear jeans maybe once in the last year - when we were going hiking. 

    I bought some of those cheerleader type shorts to

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  • Mine won't wear new jeans, which means we wash them with every wash so they'll be comfy after a month or so. She also won't wear dresses without shorts under. Doesn't like the breeze lol.
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  • DD1 goes through stages.  She's ok with jeggins or tight jeans with lots of spandex, but doesn't really like regular old jeans.  she's not as comfortable and I kind of get that. I try and make it fun and sometimes that works - like jeans with gl
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  • Oh ya!! She doesn't even like fake khaki's! We put her in leggings like every day. Its too bad too because I have the most adorable pair of blue skinny jeans that she will NEVER wear.
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  • Yep - mine is the same. No jeans at all. I've tried to get her to wear them a few times and it just isn't worth the battle. Too bad - they are super cute ones. Oh well! 

    For pants, she really only wears leggings, yoga pants, or similar. I've

  • Given a choice, my DD1 will always choose a dress with leggings over jeans. 

    Sometimes I lay out jeans and if I do, she'll wear them. But I've just cut back on the jeans I buy so that she only has like 2 pairs, since she prefers to wear othe


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  • image fredalina:
    Mine won't wear new jeans, which means we wash them with every wash so they'll be comfy after a month or so. She
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  • yaleyale
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    DS hates them too. He has one pair that someone gave us that is always at the bottom of the drawer because he never wants to wear them. He's the same way about his bedding. We have a fleece blanket on top of his fitted sheet because he likes the way it fe
  • My younger DD went through a no jeans phase and for a while, would only wear black leggings.  It has past (she is 5 now) and she will wear just about anything.  She still wears leggings most often but loves dresses and will wear jeans as well.&n
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  • Mine refuses to wear them as well. She won't even wear jean skirts.
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  • DD1 just put on a pair of jeans for the first time since the fall. It was so nice to see her in something else other than leggings or sweats.
  • Mine still does.  She will be 8 in August.  Its beginning to find clothes that still fit her age and are comfy.  
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  • MKDeeMKDee
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    DS1 went through a phase like that last year. He lived in athletic wear. After a few months, he was back to jeans. Thank goodness, because jeans are kind of the uniform for boys!
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  • I have another DD that will not wear jeans.
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  • Yes, DD hates jeans.  She will wear yoga type pants, but prefers wearing skirts or dresses. 
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  • DD loved jeans and then she turned 3. Hates them now. Like others she only likes skirts, dresses and occasionally soft cotton pants.

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  • if there is a button and pants are stiff, forget it with DS! i think he has worn jeans 2x in his life, perhaps 3.

    DD so far has elastic waist jeans and she is fine with that. i think she will be anti-button as well.

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  • DD was like this for a bit too. But I can understand bc at daycare she's getting up, moving around, on the floor - I'd want to be in sweats/comfy pants that don't risk pinching, etc, too.

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  • My son will only wear sweats lately.  He says the buttons on the jeans hurt his belly.  Even if I loosen the waistband (we buy the adjustable ones) or put the bigger ones on that he just got that are still too big, he will still say they are tig
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  • I'm so glad I'm not alone! My DD hates jeans.. For the longest time I couldn't find any that fit her well.. She is just now starting to be ok with them she had the adjustable ones and I just have to be careful not to make them too tight or the buttons di
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