I see you are a SLP.  Question for you:

DS is 21/19 mo. tomorrow and babbles a lot.  He says "no" a lot in appropriate situations and has said other words that he hasn't cared to repeat more than a couple of times over the past few months (i.e. "flow" for flower while pointing at flowers, "Da" for Dad, and one "Maaa-Maaa" many months ago that I was sure at the time was him trying to say Mama).  He makes lots of deliberate animal sounds, though he sometimes gets the animals mixed up.  Does this constitute enough talking for me to assume he's pretty on track?  I get mixed answers from his health care team because he isn't consistent with anything but the animal sounds and now the "no"s.  I feel like that is pretty good for the time being.


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DD1: BFP July 2010...HG in first tri, MC delivered vaginally at 18 weeks October 2010

DS: BFP December 2011...SCH at 5 weeks, SBR at 7 weeks, Placental Abruption at 13 weeks, Hospitalized at 25 weeks, pPROM at 28 weeks, PTL via CS at 31 weeks 

DD2: BFP January 2013...P17 shots, delivered via VBAC at 39 weeks

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