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Going back to work

I have been a sahm for for almost 2 years now and LOVE it but I was offered a part time job I just can't pass up. My degree is in horticulture and I love landscaping and gardening. I was offered a job two days a week being a personal gardener for a nice man who's wife built these amazing gardens but sadly passed away this winter.

I am sad to leave my babies but this is the ideal job for me! There are ponds to care for, gardens, a greenhouse and the hours are flexible. I start this next Monday. I'm nervous and excited. Lucas won't take a bottle so I'm hoping cups and table food will be enough for the 9 hours I'm away. He'll be with dh or my mom or mil so I know he'll be well cares for but in still a little sad to leave him. Now I'm just rambling, thanks for listening
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