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Please stop asking me if I am dilated

Seriously must be the question of the day. "Heard you had an appointment yesterday. Are you dilated"?  Seriously people.  Is it any of your business?!  I barely walked down the hall at work without 3 people asking that. Then my cousin texts me and asks the same freaking question.  No. I am not dilated or at least I don't know if I am. They don't do internal exams until almost 39 weeks.  So maybe next week they will check, but I am certainly not telling all of you.  Not to mention if I am dilated it may not mean a thing! I could walk around for a few more weeks and be dilated.  Most of the people asking me are women, women who have had children!

Sorry. Just had a moment and so over these questions.  I think I am going to make a tshirt that says "No baby update. You will know when we know." Or I am going use a PP idea and say chocolate and snacks are welcome for every time they ask me these types of questions.


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Re: Please stop asking me if I am dilated

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