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I'm supposed to go out this weekend for a few hours, i'm feeling so guilty about leaving him, because I work full time. I feel like all my free time should be spent with my little guy but at the same time I feel like I just need a little break. Anyone else feeling like this?



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  • DH and I have nixed our biweekly date nights since I went to work because I hate leaving him...we are going to have to start them up again soon because they are good for us as a couple. Don't feel guilty about leaving your LO from time to time, even if yo
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  • I understand---my first week back to work I had a concert that Friday night that my mom bought me months ago. I felt horrible working all day, seeing her for 2 hours, and then being gone until 11pm but it was one night and she won't remember. It's good to
  • oh yes.  It will get easier when going to work becomes more of a routine. But until then, do what you're comfortable with.
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  • Don't feel guilty about you time....it is important to get that time to recharge and gain more energy for your LO.

    I don't mind going to work every weekday, I feel like I get a break from wondering what DS will do next, etc. (I'm kind of a worry

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  • I am the same way. This past Saturday was the first time DH and I went out by ourselves. Other than daycare, no one else has watched DS other than us. We had a great time, but part of me still fealt guilty for leaving him with other people, even though th
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  • ahh just knowing that i'm not the only one makes me feel better!!


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    I can understand where you are coming from.  To be honest, I had to go back to work when DS was 6 weeks old, so I've been back now into my 5th week.  I have yet to do something without him just for me.  I have taken my older DS to soccer pr
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  • I remember feeling like this with DS1. But you are right. You do need a break!! And you and DH need date night.

     Try to look at the positives to you going out. It gives your DH or grandma some one on one time with LO. It gives you a break. I

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  • we went through this about a week ago. i felt horrible leaving LO for 3 hours on a saturday night. but after i did it.. sunday i was glad i went. having conversation with friends with out a baby around was pretty nice..
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