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GD girls - what are you craving?

The past week, I've been craving milk like crazy. I try not to drink too much since it is high in carbs, but recently I could drink a huge glass 2-3 times per day. I feel so guilty because I also don't want to balance (ruin) the taste with a handfull of almonds or something.



Re: GD girls - what are you craving?

  • Better question, what AREN'T I craving? lol. I had been craving sugar this whole pregnancy (which is odd because I don't usually have a sweet tooth at all) - so I would like a donut and some jelly beans about now! 

    But on a positive note, I

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  • I want what i use to eat before i started this so called diet on monday. I am still getting used to this but anything I had before I want for example my fritos chips.
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  • Crab dip topped soft pretzels. Absolutely horrible for you, but so insanely good. They'll just have to wait until after August. :-(

  • Coke.  I hate diet drinks (and the taste of aspartame in general) so I've just been drinking water, milk and the occasional coffee (without sugar).  I want a sweet carbonated pop sooo badly!  I'll have a 12-pack waiting for me aft

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  • If you are by chance in Texas, HEB or Central market has a lactose free milk that is higher in protein than carbs. It tastes great. One cup has 12g protein and 6g carbs.
  • Pepsi.  I know it's empty calories, but I want.  Like a PP I hate diet drinks; I'd rather have 4oz of the real stuff than a bottle of the diet.


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  • Pasta and pizza.... sigh.  I did get a vegetable spiralizer and made some spiralized zucchini and bolognese sauce last night.  It was pretty good and my toddler liked it.  Definitely not pasta, but I could twirl which was a bonus.
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  • Chocolate ice cream cake. I've been craving it for over 3 months and still have 10-11 weeks to go. I told my dr I will eat it every day in july. She said go for it, lol. All my sugar cravings this pregnancy are driving me mad. I will soon be dreaming of c
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  • Potatoes. In any form. I've had them once, and my after-dinner number was 186, the highest it has been. So, sadly no spuds for me.

    I have had ice cream a couple of times, but only a kid's cone ... It doesn't seem to spike me. (But my main issue i

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    If you are by chance in Texas, HEB or Central market has a lactose free milk that is higher in protein than carbs. I
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    Potatoes. In any form. I've had them once, and my after-dinner number was 186, the highest it has been. So, sadly

  • I think I'm fairly lucky. I can eat just about anything I want as long as I eat it in moderation. Except milk. Milk just doesn't work at all. I've discovered unsweetened almond milk works, and it's GREAT in cereal.

    A bowl of honey nut cheerios wi

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  • It's called Mootopia...
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  • OP I second the almond milk. Ive been craving milk as well and it helps curb it.

    Sour patch kids are in my hospital bag.

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  • I really want some pineapple!
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  • I would kill for a fresh baguette.

    I have found success with Light Silk soy milk. It's very low in sugar so it doesn't mess up my numbers in the morning when I make a protein shake. I wish I could have it with honey nut cheerios though...jealous!


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    I really want some pineapple!


    Pineapple isn't too bad for me, but watermelon

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