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Who to Have in Delivery Room

So I didn't know where to post this...therefore I am posting it on here. I wanted to know how you ladies decided who to have in the delivery room. This is my first pregnancy and don't know what to do. At first, I just wanted my husband to be there but then he mentioned he wanted someone there for support. Now I don't know. My sister had me in her deliveries so I was thinking her...but then my mom will be upset and my mother in law possibly. Ugh! Please tell me how you decided.

Re: Who to Have in Delivery Room

  • DH and most likely my mom. Other than that just the medical team. 
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  • It was just FI while I was in active labor.

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  • I'm not sure who I will be allowed to have in (India has wonky policies); probably my husband and that's it, by choice. My mom & best friend have offered to fly out, but I'm not sure (if they come early/for the delivery) if I'd want them in there.
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  • I was planning on just DH but at the last minute decided I wanted my mom there, too. So she and DH were the only ones.

  • MH and our doula
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  • Just H.  There was enough going on that I didn't want more people there.  My mom is kind of...over the top.  She'd probably get me more worried and anxious.  She fully admitted that and never expected to be in there.  We did have

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  • just my husband.. honestly theres like 3 nurses plus the doctor and dh. it gets crowded fast!
  • DH and my mom were in there with me.

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  • Not pregnant, but I am planning on it just being DH and maybe a doula. My entire family lives across the country from us so my mom most likely would not be able to be there in time, and I wouldn't want her in there anyways haha.
  • With both of my L&Ds it was just DH and the necessary medical staff.

    Honestly, you need to do what makes YOU feel comfortable. I wouldn't worry about hurting people's feelings.

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    With both of my L&Ds it was just DH and the necessary medical staff.

    Honestly, you need to

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  • For me, I had DH, my sis, and my mom.  My sis did the camera and DH and mom each took a leg. I liked having the support. I liked having someone else in the room with me if DH wanted to step out to get a snack or whatever. 

    I've seen lo

  • MH and my bereavement coordinator will be in the OR
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  • My husband and the delivery team. I let my daughter come in the second time briefly, but then she was sent back to her grandparents. If your H wants someone for support, either choose one person you'd both be comfortable with or hire a doula. I know some
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  • It was just DH and I.  I was induced so our parents were able to be there too.  They would go in and our of the room all day and that was cool.  DHs parents kinda bugged me because I felt like they were only worried about their son.  A

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  • I didn't know who I wanted in there until almost the last minute. I had an epidural and it stalled my labor, so I was bored for several hours, so it was nice to have my mom there during labor. It just happened that she was there for the delivery too, p

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  • Both times just DH. MIL was there, just not in the room (my Mom has passed away). MIL was able to get DH food and what not, but I didn't want anyone else in there with us. It's up to you, not anyone else. 

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    With both of my L&Ds it was just DH and the necessary medical staff.

    Honestly, you need to do what mak


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  • image mylittlesunshine:

    With both of my L&Ds it was just DH and the necessary medical staff.

    Honestly, you need to do what

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  • My Boyfriend (now DH) and my mom were there plus a ton of medical staff ---my OB, nurses, med students, peds people (he was preemie) and a random lady who accidentally let herself into the wrong delivery room were all there... Honestly it should be whomev
  • Just dh. I had a 26 hour labor and that was long, it felt.
    So The OB and nurse during initial delivery. Then came 2 or 3 nursery nurses as he crowned. Then he wasn't crying great so in came 2 more nurses. That was plenty.
  • Both Dh & I Agreed that if you were not there when the baby was conceived then you wouldn't be in the delivery room (besides medical staff).

    Also why would your dh need someone to support him? I would tell him that there will be nurse there

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  • I only had DH in L&D - I ended up with a C-Section. I am glad it was only us. No fighting for attention.

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  • Besides my husband, I had my sister in the room. My Mom was in the room for my entire labor, but she left shortly before I started to push. I told her that I wanted it to be a special moment with my sister and she reluctantly agreed. You just need to deci
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  • The less people the better. Nurses have enough to do without worrying about all the other people in the room.

    It was just DH and I for all 3 of my deliveries and when the last one went very wrong I am glad no one else was there!

    Some delive

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  • Just my DH.  I don't know how I will react during labor and I'd rather feel free to act like myself and not worry about what others think.
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  • I only planned on having DH and maybe my mom in the room, but at the end of labor I just told my mom, sister and mother in law they could stay. I don't regret it b/c I got some great photos/video from MIL and my sister got a learning experience.

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  • Bottom line, it has to be someone that mostly YOU are comfortable with, that he can also tolerate.  Do not choose someone out of guilt, obligation, whatever.  And don't listen to anyone who whines about *not* being in there.  You are the

  • I had my husband and our birth photographer in the room. if my mom was local, she would have been there too.
  • I had my husband and my mom and dad.  Dad's a OB/GYN.  He wasn't an active part in any of it, but I felt SAFE having him there (especially when I was refusing the epi).  Originally I was just going to have DH and no one else.  I'm g

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