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I joined the bump a couple years ago when at the age of 34 I got pregnant (finally) with my beautiful daughter.  I tend to read more than post but now I just felt compelled to write something.  :-)  We started trying again right after #1 because neither of us are in our 20s anymore and it took forever the first time.  We never sought help for our first, I just figured if it was meant to be it would be...And finally it was. 

Well pressure mounted after that.  We both have a lot of siblings and it just broke my heart to think my daughter may grow up an only child without the love and support of a sibling or two.  Very grateful for her, and I could have been happy to just have her, but felt I owed it to her to at least try.

So after over a year of trying with no results, I went to the doctor.  Did three rounds of clomid, ultrasounds, shots, etc.  After three unsuccessful rounds, I sort of gave up- Insurance didn't cover much of the bill and it was getting expensive to not have a BFP.  We got literature to get my other half checked out as well- figured could be him as well as me, right?!

I last took clomid in January, didn't get pregnant, didn't take anything in February, we tried once at the "right" time (too tired, when that "right" time happens in the middle of the work week!) and about 10 or 11 days later, no joke- I took a test on a whim, one of many, expecting yet another negative- and it was positive.  Five days before my AF was due.  So of course I promptly took about 8 more tests.  Expensive ones.  All positive.  Took another a few days later... Just to make sure.  That would explain the sore boobs and exhaustion!  So at 36 years old, about to turn 37, finally got the results we had been trying for. 

I'm so scared!  I hope the baby will be okay!  I hope I can handle my toddler with a newborn.  And work.  Oh how I want to be able to quit and stay home!  And do you all find yourselves running to the bathroom every time you feel the slightest bit damp to make sure it's not  blood?   And worrying if my kids will think I'm too old when they are ten and I'm almost 50... LOL I worry about everything. 

I was wondering if others think like I do, do you worry about this stuff?  Do you have similar concerns? How do you deal with them or with people that think you are 'too old' to have a baby...

Anyways, sorry for the very long post, and thank you for bearing with me.  I tend to hide my age because I hate getting older or dealing with negativity, I'm glad I can be more "myself" here.


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