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Induction Update...Update (long!) - Emma Ruth is here!

So last time I posted was Monday evening. We had started induction Sunday night at 7pm and after not making a ton of progress throughout the day on Monday, my doctor decided to have me take a break, shower, and eat and then get started back up again later that night. 

So around 8pm on Monday night, we started back up again with cytotec. I got another dose around midnight and then we switched to pitocin around 4am.  At that point I was dilated to about 2. My doctor came to check on me around 8am on Tuesday and I was dilated to 3. My contractions started to get pretty intense shortly thereafter and by about 1 I was having a tough time breathing through the contractions and couldn't really relax between them either. So I requested an epidural and got it shortly thereafter. At this point I was dilated to 4. I was able to fall asleep then and get some rest and woke up around 4:30. The nurse checked me then and, lo and behold, I was dilated to 9 and 80% effaced. I seriously thought she was joking when she said it. She called my doctor who wanted me to labor down and get dilated to 10 and 100% effaced before starting to push and said that she would stop by after her appointments to check on me. At this point I started feeling nauseous and end up vomiting. Unfortunately, I often times have a vagal response when I vomit, meaning that I black out after getting sick and have convulsions while coming back to. This continued throughout the remainder of the labor process and pretty much freaked out my husband, since he had managed t never be around for one of my episodes before. 

My doctor arrived & I started pushing around 6:30 and made some good progress. I pushed for a solid two hours and stopped making progress. We realized that she was stuck against my pelvis. The doctor said at this point that we could either try using a vacuum to see if that would give her enough help to make it through my pelvis or we would have to do a c-section. We decided to give the vacuum a try, but after 4 pushes with that my doctor said it just wasn't going to work. So frustrating! We could see her hair but just not get her past that point. 

We then had to move on to having a c-section. I was feeling disappointed since I really wanted to have her vaginally, but so excited to be meeting our little girl. I did get sick once towards the end of the surgery, but it was after they had gotten our little girl out. That one was really scary since I couldn't really turn my head far enough to the side, but the anesthesiologist was right there with a little suction tube to get everything clear from my mouth.

In the end, Emma Ruth was born at 9:59pm on 4/9/13. She weighs 9 lbs, 13 oz and is 22" long. She has been absolutely wonderful and is a healthy, sweet little girl. My husband and I are so in love with her. I hope all you Bumpers waiting to meet your little ones have a smoother and shorter L&D than I did, but know that no matter what, it's worth it!!


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Re: Induction Update...Update (long!) - Emma Ruth is here!

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