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Maximus Carter is here!!!

Born on 4.4.13 @7pm. I went in to be induced wed at 6pm and got cervidil to make me start dilating since I wasnt dilated at all at my 40 week appt. Started having contractions that night (which were intense ) then thurs morning got my epidural around 7:15am. Since I was progressing they didnt give me pitocin, so I was in active labor for 20hrs. Started pushing at 6pm and had him at 7pm. He was a whopping 9.3lbs 21 3/4in long. I couldn't believe it and neither could my dr. At my 40 week appt on wed I was measuring at 38 weeks and my dr. thought baby would be around 6lbs just by feeling my belly. I never had a growth u/s so we really didnt know. He is absolutely perfect and we are so in love!!!



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