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The next one....

I admit I am pretty obsessed with my baby, maybe overly so, but it seems like everyone's 1st question after the typical "is he sleeping through the night yet?" is when are you guys having your next one. I'm always like "dude let me enjoy this one for a little bit". 

So my question to you guys is:

1) Are you one and done, do you already have other children and this baby is your last one, or do you plan to have more- and if so how far apart do you plan for your children to be/how far apart are your children.

2) I am also open to hear about any witty comments you might have when people ask you this question, if no one has asked you this question I will take it as a hint that I am too obsessed with DS and I need to have another one quickly.

We plan to have 2 to 3 kids and I want them to be about 3 or so year's apart (although it took us 6 months to get pregnant so I am not set on the exact number of 3 years) so I think we will start trying again in the spring of 2015.

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Re: The next one....

  • 1) This is our first, and we're not sure about more...ideally we'd like them, but it would require us to move and DH wants us both to have "careers" instead of "jobs" before we talk about more

    2) I always just tell them we're gonna see how 1


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  • This is our first and we want 4 close together. I didn't go back on birth control. I'm breastfeeding but know that's not full proof. We are totally into just letting it happen and being a surprise this time since DD was so planned. Some days I already wan
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  • 1) This is our first and we both come from families of 2 so we're not sure if we want 1 or 2 more. We're hoping to have them 2-4 years apart but you never know so we'll be trying for #2 February next year. 

    2) I have SO many people who ask m

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  • I am constantly surprised at the frequency of the question of having another. I usually say, "one is plenty", or "we are just enjoying our time with him and we'll discuss it when he's older". But the truth is, I *think* I am ok w/being one and done. DH is
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  • 1) This is our first child.  We plan on 1 more, probably in 2 years or so.

    2) The one question that boggles my mind is when people ask "Is he a good baby?", it's like what as opposed to a "bad" baby?  Yes, he's horribly bad, so bad he's

  • 1) One and done, I already have an 11 year old step son

    2) I just tell them "No, DH wanted a girl but with our luck we'd get another boy and Mama can't handle being the only girl in the house, right down to the darn dog.:

    I had originally s

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  • 1)  We'd like to have one more kiddo.  Surprisingly, after wanting a girl, then getting a boy, I want another boy!

    2) I usually give a quizzical look and not say anything.  That speaks volumes and the

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  • image MrsT1108:

    1) This is our first child.  We plan on 1 more, probably in 2 years or so.

    2) The one question that boggl

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  • I always thought I would want 2 kids, but after having DS I'm leaning towards being one and done. I think DH would like to have another because he thinks DS needs a sibling to play with. I just don't have any desire to go through this newborn phase again.
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  • 1) We want like, 5 kids, so we're not done. I'd like for them to be about 2-3 years apart; basically, I want DS to be able to communicate what he needs before adding another baby in to the mix. 

    2) I hate when people, specifically my MIL (wh

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  • 1. We're planning on 12 more. I came from a family of 4 and SO a family of 3, so we'd at least like 2. That said, I did the math for daycare and, holy cow, it'll be expensive.
    2. I normally go with, Most days we think we'll be keeping her. It often



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  • 1) Are you one and done, do you already have other children and this baby is your last one, or do you plan to have more- and if so how far a

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  • 1. We want 1 more in about 5 years.

    2. People can suck it.

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  • This is our first, and we definitely want more. I'd like to have the next in 2015. Less than 3 years apart, and DH would be far enough along in his career for me to switch to casual at work and avoid child care.
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  • DS is six and I think it's a good age difference. I always wanted three, but I'm good with two. I was actually good with one, but am so happy dd came along.
    I always tell people I'm too old for more, I'm only 32, but it takes me forever to get pregn

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  • 1. We want 3 but financially 2 makes more sense. I can think of a million reasons why being done at two would be best for us, but just plain, we want another one. To keep finances sane with childcare, it wont be until DD1 starts school. So these girls wil
  • My SO is always telling me how he wants to have another baby. Drives me a little crazy. Like, hello, here is our incredible son. We have a baby. We will have another, absolutely, but I want to enjoy every moment of him that I can. Pregnancy sucked the lif
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  • 1. From the start DH and I both wanted either 3 or 4 kids...and then we got the 2for1 special right off the bat. As far as the whens and ifs of having more...that conversation has been tabled until LOs are at least a year old!

    2. The next tim
  • DD is my 2nd child. She was born 12/5/12. DS was born 12/10/10, so they're almost exactly 2 years apart. We wanted 2, but it wasn't planned to have their birthdays sooo close. If we had the money, I would consider a 3rd, but as of now, we're done, and I'm
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  • 1) This is my first and we want at least two more. We are going to start TTC summer 2014. I have baby fever now, but there is no way DH would go for it! My brother and I are 6 years apart which is why I want my kids to be closer in age.

    2) A


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  • DD is #2. We have talked about having 3. DH wants his boy but he says he would be happy with 3 girls as well. The girls are 2 years and 4 months apart. So far I like the age difference. If we have another, I think it's going to be awhile from now. We w

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  • When ds1 was 4 months old, I was already pregnant with ds2. I was EBF around the clock and never had AF but was not on the mini pill...just to go ahead and make everyone here paranoid. You're welcome. Anyway DD is number 3 and I got my tubes tied in the h
  • We are done. Margo is #3 and our family seems complete. DH will be getting snipped soon. 

    I always said I wanted 3 or 4, but having a m/c last in 2011, made me realize how lucky I had been to have had two easy P

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  • We have two, they are 15 1/2 months apart.  No plans for another, although IF we do it will be in 5ish years and no sooner.

    When people ask, I just say, "we shall see...I don't know..."  I don't mind the questions.  Who cares?

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  • 1. Maren was our fourth.  Our first three are all two and half years apart which I found to be just the perfect amount of time.  Our last two are only 16 months apart.  We are done trying on our own to have more children but we do have a

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