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Jumping the Gun?

Well,  I went to my 38 week appt yesterday and the dr said the babys head is extremely low and I am a couple of centimeters dilated.  I got really excited!  She wants to see me back this Friday when I'm 38w6d- and I am hoping I have made even more progess.  I hope that I am not jumping the gun but I have a feeling I wont make it until the 20th.  I am officially starting my maternity leave on April 15th.  Lately I been feeling nauseous and have had lots of lower back pain and menstrual like cramps- so maybe this really is the start of something.

Any one else have the feeling they'll go early? I am FTM so I am hoping I dont go late considering what the dr said yesterday... wishful thinking!

Re: Jumping the Gun?

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