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Longer sleep

I know everyone's baby is different but when did your litle one start sleeping longer than 3 hours at night?

Re: Longer sleep

  • DS took months!! DD is 5 weeks old and already has slept in five to seven hour stretches. I thought DS was never going to sleep through the night.
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  • About 6 weeks. She will be 10 weeks on Thursday and usually does 5 to 6 at the beginning of the night and then it varies. Last might she was up every hour after that but the night before she skeptic another 3.

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  • With DS, about five months. ::cries::
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    DS will be 6 weeks Friday and he just started sleeping 56 hours this week. After that long stretch he's up every 3 like normal.

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  • DS is 9 weeks and just started going about a 7 hour stretch at night for the last few nights in a row.
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  • With DS1, about a year.  He was/is a terrible sleeper.  He didn't STTN consistently until age 2, and he still often wakes up overnight.

    With DS2, about 6 weeks, I think he started to fall into a pretty reliable pattern.  He sleeps


  • DD1 was sleeping 5-7 hours at 8 weeks. DD2 slept 6 hours at 6 weeks. I'm crossing my fingers that this little guy is even sooner Wink

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  • My DS was 10 lbs 5 oz when he was born so I think that has something to do with it but he is already sleeping in 5-7 hour stretches at night.  He doesn't take a ton of naps during the day but definitely makes up for it at night.
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  • Just after the 1 month mark. She's still only doing about 4 hours at a time, but that extra hour of sleep is precious.


  • DS is ten weeks today. Around 6 weeks we started getting one long five hour stretch starting at around 7:30 and going until half past midnight. After that it can be anywhere from every two to four hours. This week it's been midnight, three, and six thirty
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  • Not till we sleep trained at 7.5 months. But from everything I hear that's not typical!
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  • 2 weeks old she started 4 hour stretches, but now she's back to 3 hours some nights.
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