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Thoughts and Prayers Please - Possible Trigger (Loss)

I know this is a very sensitive subject so I am not intending to upset anyone, so please forgive me if I do, I want to ask for prayers/thoughts for a family.  Their little girl (4) has DIPG (inoperable brain tumor).  I got the update this morning and cannot imagine or fathom what this family is going through as they learned all options have been exhausted and are arranging for her to come home.

I just wanted to ask for prayers/thoughts for this family; her parents that they may find healing and peace through the worst imaginable situation, for the little girl and for her older sister.  Also prayers/thoughts for their coming days/weeks/months.

Thanks so much!

ETA: DC2London, if you need to pull this down due to subject, I completely understand.  Again I know this is very sensitive subject matter, just wanted to send as many thoughts and prayers as we can.  

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Re: Thoughts and Prayers Please - Possible Trigger (Loss)

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