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What is going on with me today!? I am having intense pressure in my vagina and butt area along with cramping. I feel like I need to take a poo but nothing comes out. It is making it really hard to work today. I feel like my little guy is just pushing down with all his might! No contractions (well I dont know, maybe these are contractions?) or water breaking or any other thing like that so I dont think Im going into labour. My due date isnt until May 1st (yes I know Im on April Board, I straddle between the two all the time lol) so should I expect to feel like this for the rest of the month until I do go into labour? Being a FTM is frustrating because I just dont understand what is going on with my body and my doc is always like, "oh thats normal". Okay thanks, real helpful, but then again I dont know what else I expect her to say either. So I guess Im venting and thinking a question out loud at the same time because Im confused and uncomfortable!
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  • When I have a ton of pressure I hydrate and hydrate until I go potty. Or I try to change positions. Sitting on my birthing ball also helps. Good luck.
  • Have you called your doctor?  I think the pressure can be a normal function of baby dropping and I have definitely had some episodes like that, but can't hurt to check if you're concerned.
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  • Im experiencing similar symptoms. I had my 37 week check yesterday and I am 50% effaced and 2cm dilated, but today I am having awful pressure and period cramps. Not sure whats going on since this is my first baby, but hopefully this is "normal" like you s
  • I have been having the same feelings the last 5 days. At my OB appt yesterday she said that its all very normal. She did a internal check and there is nothing happening. She just said that its from all the pressure of the baby. But its not a sign of labor
  • I've been having a ton of pressure the past few days as well. It's definitely from the baby dropping...who says STMs don't drop early?? Haha But yeah, it's very uncomfortable. Unfortunately for us, this could go on for weeks!

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    I've been having a ton of pressure the past few days as well. It's definitely from the baby dropping...who says S
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  • Dang yeah sounds like I might have to put up with this for the next three weeks. I see my doc today for my 37 week appointment and i dont get checked until Im 38 weeks. I mean Im not trying to rush this or anything Im just tired of feeling like my lowe

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  • My baby has been pushing down on me like that for the last 2 months and I keep hearing the same thing. It's normal... ya, but it hurts like crazy, especially when there's nothing you can do but have the baby to get rid of that pain. Hopefully the rest of
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