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Good morning, Ladies and happy Wednesday!  We are half-way through another week :)

GTKY - While pregnant, what was your crazy (or normal) food cravings and what food(s) did your LO make you stay away from?!

    Starting my 2nd trimester, I craved lucky charms every morning and I never really ate them before except for the marshmallows!  Also, at 8 months I started craving a big glass of chocolate milk and HAD to have one every morning until he was born :)

    There really wasn't any one food that disgusted me.  I'm a popcorn-a-holic normally, but while pregnant I just didn't have any desire to eat it, but it didn't make me sick or anything.  So, I guess that's my aversion!

GTKYC-  What's LO's favorite food these days and what food won't he eat?

    I'm not sure Parker really has a specific food that he loves, he pretty much loves almost everything EXCEPT for Tuna Fish!  He couldn't spit that out fast enough!  He loves all fruits, all veggies and all types of yogurts so far and he eats chicken and beef.  If I had to pick a favorite, I'd say the yogurt drops.  He LOVES snacking on them!


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  • I didn't have any really overwhelming cravings, but I often found that the only thing that helped my nausea was having a very cold coke and a small bag of plain Lay's potato chips.

    DS is a fan of food in general. He is happy to eat just about an

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  • Grilled Cheese, Chocolate Milk, and Watermelon were my main pregnancy cravings once I could finally eat something! I didn't really keep anything down until around 28-29 weeks. (HG)

    LO loves pretty much everything. His favorites are carr

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  • I craved onions and green beans. It was very odd.

    I didn't have any major food aversions though with DD1 popcorn did make me sick and I'm just now getting to the point where I can eat it again.

    DD2 loves onions [maybe that's wh
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  • I craved fruit. Especially melon. If we started to run low, I would feel panicked because I wanted it to badly. I easily ate a whole melon per day my entire pregnancy. I couldn't stand to look at, cook or eat meat. Especially chicken. If I did eat any,

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    GTKY - While pregnant, what was your crazy (or normal) food cravings and what food(s) did your LO make you stay away from?!

    I craved cheeseburgers and french fries. I also had to have at least one bowl of honey nut che

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  • I didn't really have a lot of cravings, with the exception of "soft" ice and chocolate softserve ice cream. The ice cream was a biotch to find.

    I had no aversions.

    AJ really likes grains. Idk if she has a fav but maybe pancakes?

  • In early pregnancy, I craved salad with ranch dressing. And milk. Milk was one of the few things that helped my nausea, surprisingly. Later in my pregnancy, I couldn't get enough watermelon or kiwis. I would come home from working a 12 hour shift and s

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  • From 32 to 35 weeks, I had a small frosty from Wendy's almost every single day. It makes me sick to think about it now, but at the time it felt like such a need. Like I couldn't finish my work day without it.

    Oh, and Coke. I have never been a
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  • I was really sick for the first 6 months so basically everything made me gag and heave.  There was a woman I worked with who didn't have great hygiene and smelling her made me instantly sick. It got to the point were just seeing her down the

  • First & second trimester I craved hot sauce. Loved it! I put it on everything. Luckily, I didn't have heartburn. I don't think I had any food aversions. Though deep fried food never really seemed all that appealing. I don't know that DD has any fa
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    image stepper1725:
    First & second trimester I craved hot sauce. Loved it! I put it on everything. Luckily, I didn't have heartbu

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  • I craved chocolate, boneless wings and icees for the majority of the pregnancy then it was ice cream for about the last month. 

    I couldn't even look at anything that was made from pig. Which was hard because SD(9) and DS(7) love hot dogs and

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  • My cravings were McDonalds chocolate milkshake and French fries. It was sad when they started to recognize me! I also drank a ridiculous amount of apple juice, and still do. 

    Aversions were water and chicken.  

    Tycho's favorite fo

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  • I craved ice cream and salty things.  I coudln't drink coffee at all. 

     DD loves pears and yogurt.

  • In the beginning of the pregnancy, I craved steak or red meat in general. Then I would get sick from it. Towards the end of the 2nd tri, I craved lemonade. I had to have it every day.

    I could not smell or eat brown rice. Apples grossed me out too

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  • SOOOO funny you ask this because somewhere in my 2nd trimester I craved blueberry pie......  Just this week I gave my LO blueberries and she LOVES them!!!! I also craved root beer and I still really enjoy drinking it now....

    <span style="fon

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  • I didn`t have many cravings at all, but I really enjoyed going to DQ and would order a pepsi and a chocolate milkshake.  Also near the end of my pregnancy I craved Bean Burritos with the mild sauce, they were all I could think about.


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