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Crazy Shower Update!

ETA: I did end up posting on the Baby Showers board.  I may end up directing MTB there.

That crazy shower I'm planning?

The husband has invited 5 more people.  They are the husbands of people on the original invite list.  The master list I had did not include these people, and I just got an email that the husbands have RSVPed to him (and thus he was informing me) because he told them they were all invited.

So now the FTB is inviting people.

I think I'm going to bow out of this shower.  I sent an email back saying "I doubled checked this list with [MTB] and the men were not on it.  Now they are RSVP'ing out of the blue.  Surprise surprise."

Way to start my day, huh?  I'm so mad...

(Guest list was expected to be 25-30 attendees.  Currently at 21 with 28 people left to RSVP because half of those are men).

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